10 Essential SparkCognition Resources That Demonstrate the Value of AI


SparkCognition delivers proven AI solutions for critical challenges in the real world. Over the last year, we’ve been working behind the scenes to refresh and add to hundreds of customer resources in our ever-expanding asset library to help articulate the value we provide across a wide variety of industries—from problem to solution to results.  


Here we have curated a ‘greatest hits’ cross-section of free ebooks, case studies, videos, etc. on our site, explaining the current state of the art in AI and how you can use this technology to enhance your operations. Consider this your quick-start guide to SparkCognition’s industry-leading products.


Start here: Oil and gas, renewable energy, and visual AI eBooks

Artificial Intelligence: Empowering Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas describes the energy industry’s operational and financial challenges and how our O&G Maintenance Advisor solution helps companies address these challenges. Several case studies describe applications of the platform that tackle offshore platform operational and safety improvement, product shipping efficiency, and retail customer experience enhancement. 


In The Power to See and Understand: Unlocking the Operational Value of Visual AI, we detail the very latest in AI’s ability to leverage existing camera systems to deliver greater safety, security, and operational excellence, whether in corporate offices, refineries, factory floors, or schools. Our eBook presents the history of computer vision and the many ways in which AI has unlocked the technology’s potential to revolutionalize organizational operations.   


AI for Renewable Energy: Building a More Sustainable World presents our portfolio of solutions targeting the fast-growing wind, solar, and energy storage industries. It presents the current state of the global renewables industry, an industry that is poised to redefine energy creation and delivery in the 21st century. Through predictive maintenance and visual AI technologies, these clean-energy assets can be made to last longer and perform better, ensuring that the industry remains profitable while leading the world toward a cleaner future.

On to case studies: improving production, efficiency, and safety

The oil and gas industry lives and dies by its ability to maximize productive time on oil platforms. Our case study, Improving Offshore Platform Production with AI, tackles the challenge of proactively identifying impending equipment failures and providing operators with advance warning. The implementation of AI-powered predictive maintenance has already provided numerous instances of failure mitigation on platforms for some of the world’s leading upstream operators. 


Visual AI has quickly emerged as a technology that lends itself to an immense range of business, defense, and societal applications, solving problems previously regarded as intractable or economically impractical. In our case study, Improving Filling Station Performance with Visual AI Advisor, we describe the ability to greatly increase retail performance by using existing CCTV infrastructure to analyze real-time customer visits, service times, and a host of other metrics that lead directly to increased profitability and safety.    


Much has been written in recent years about solar and wind generation technology. The impact of AI on this technology is described in our case study, Automated Power Production Monitoring. Here we explain the challenge of proactively identifying underperforming wind turbines and determining the root causes of the problems, thus enabling wind operators to maximize power output and hence profits.  


Visual AI has numerous applications, but one of the most critical is maintaining safety in high-risk environments like refineries and factories. Our case study, Improve Workplace Safety in Manufacturing with Visual AI, addresses this challenge head-on. The case study discusses the ability of our Visual AI Advisor product to leverage existing CCTV infrastructure to identify risks such as human/vehicle interactions, workers approaching too closely to equipment, and fire/electrical incidents well before traditional sensors can provide alarms.  

Last, but not least: Downstream O&G brochure, NBM Whitepaper, and TMI recap video

SparkCognition’s product brochure, Downstream Operations Performance, describes how our Oil & Gas Maintenance Advisor product enables refinery and chemical operators to deliver fossil fuel products with greater profitability, efficiency, and safety. The brochure describes the many function-specific modules that Maintenance Advisor provides and the specific, measurable results that these capabilities deliver.


Normal Behavior Modeling (NBM) is a leading-edge approach to delivering predictive maintenance solutions that provide advance notice of impending equipment failures before they become expensive and safety-compromising system breakdowns. In our recent white paper, Predictive Maintenance Using Normal Behavior Modeling, we present a detailed description of how this technology works from initial data ingestion through neural network analysis, evaluation, and alert generation. In addition, the paper describes the challenge of explainability and the ways in which NBM addresses this historical challenge of AI implementation. 


In early 2022, SparkCognition hosted the Time Machine Interactive event at our leading-edge HyperWerx facility in Austin. More than 200 industry leaders came together to network and learn about the AI technologies being pioneered by the company, including interactive demos of predictive maintenance, visual analytics, and intelligent drone systems, applications being implemented in both private and defense organizations. The event was an opportunity for managers and executives to discover the state of the art in AI and the many ways it can enhance their business operations.   

As our team moves into the new year, we will continue to develop new AI-based technologies, and we will keep providing customer education resources like those we’ve outlined above. To stay apprised of our very latest, continue to read our blog or contact us to schedule a demo for your organization.

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