Artificial intelligence and machine learning is helping the oil and gas industry reduce incidents by identify equipment failures before they happen.



If you’re interested in saving time and money, reducing incidents, or analyzing data intelligently, check out how SparkCognition can transform the way your organization makes decisions.

If you would like to connect with Jeff Brown, you can email him at, or find him on LinkedIn.

Mark mentioned a great source of third party data that can be found at drillinginfo through one of their subscription services.

Learn about some of the wearable technology, like we talked about on this episode, available from the folks over at RealWear.

Free Resources!

Jeff and SparkCognition have provided some very useful resources for our listeners:

Learn how companies in the oil and gas industry are innovating to survive the economic downturn in their blog post – The Promise Of A Better Tomorrow.

If you have more data than you know what to do with, or have time to even look through, you might find utility in Natural Language Processing (NLP). SparkCognition created a very useful infographic about how NLP could be a game changer for companies with piles of unanalyzed data. Check it out here.

You can access the original article here at the Global Oil and Gas Network.

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