AI as a Catalyst for Creativity: Cognitive Times Volume 19 is Here


In our latest issue of Cognitive Times, we explore the theme of “AI as a Catalyst for Creativity,” bringing you perspective on some of the most exciting advancements in artificial intelligence today.

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AI as a Catalyst for Creativity: Cognitive Time Volume 19

We’ve curated key topics and discussions from our highly insightful Time Machine Interactive 2022, including General Robert B. Neller’s keynote observing how and why human intelligence and decision-making will always be at the core of defense-related AI advancements. Also from TMI22: UT Austin Professor and Co-Director of the National AI Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning (IFML) Alex Dimakis explains how AI can “dream.” The esteemed professor sets expectations of how future applications of generative models will change the way we approach and solve problems like training MRIs to detect tumors more accurately with AI and analyzing seismic data to predict natural events more reliably and detect underground substrata features.

You’ll also learn about the many ways AI is influencing today’s Net-Zero energy conversations. With fast-approaching deadlines and the urgent need to take collective action now to avoid the worst consequences of human-caused climate change, AI is one of the most impactful tools in the world’s arsenal when it comes to the detection, monitoring, and strengthening of not only our ecosystems but delivering sufficient and affordable renewable energy that will play a major role in reducing emissions.

Be sure to check out Cognitive Times’ important and timely context on the future of defense autonomy, an argument for the inevitability of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, details on how AI-powered technology interacts with physical systems, and the latest developments on new frontiers for generative AI and content creation.

Also in this issue:

  • Stepping through the process of a multiple linear regression model workflow in part two of our “Decoding Regression” series.
  • Using AI to create art is one of the biggest conversations in the art world today. Learn how AI uses text to generate art and how to go beyond text prompts and pre-trained models using CLIP.
  • Your tech-savvy to-do list
  • Rounding up extraordinary examples of what’s happening in AI tech today from biotechnology to generative AI
  • And still more!


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