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As we officially mark the arrival of Fall, we’re taking a moment to reflect on a busy summer—and gearing up for an exciting (and busy) closing quarter to 2022. In case you missed it, take a look at our can’t-miss content from August.


Upcoming and on-demand webinars

Our upcoming and recent webinars will enable you to learn more about how our AI solutions help companies across many industries solve their most critical problems, save money, and ensure the safest working environments for their employees.  


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We are honored when media, trade groups, etc., recognize SparkCognition as a trusted AI provider:


Silicon Hills News named SparkCognition one of 25 “hot” Austin-based startup companies to watch in 2022.


Built In recognized SparkCognition as one of the 21 top computing technologies companies to know about in 2022. featured SparkCognition as one of 20 unicorn companies located in Austin, bringing attention to the city’s up-and-coming profile that claims some of the most prolific tech companies in the country. 


Built In Austin recently featured SparkCognition as one of seven tech companies actively hiring in the city with a strong passion for growth and potential.


Around the Web

Our team is always ready to discuss the many ways AI enables companies to predict future outcomes, optimize processes, and achieve operational excellence. Check out some of our favorite appearances from last month: 


“The boring, sleepy, old topic of logistics matters in 2022, and your ability to prepare and plan for a fight, and then constantly update that in near real-time, based on real-world conditions, truly matters in how you can carry out an operation.” Logan Jones, President of SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS), spoke with ACME on how driving innovation and improving decision-making capabilities is essential for national defense. Listen to the podcast to learn more.


Philippe Herve, our Senior Vice President of Energy and Sustainability, discussed the implications of AI in O&G in Permian Basin Oil & Gas magazine. He explained how to optimize drilling conditions, including predicting and preventing stuck pipe incidents and monitoring general safety procedures with visual AI. Read ”Faster, Better, More Accurately” to learn how SparkCognition leverages AI to bring costs down and increase efficiency. 


Jaidev Amrite, our Head of Product for Visual AI Advisor and DeepNLP, published an article in Inside BIG DATA  about the challenges and key solutions to applying AI in the global infrastructure systems of manufacturing, transportation, aviation, financial services, and more. Read it here: “Practical AI Techniques for Operationalizing Big Data in Enterprises.”


Technology Advice spoke with Stephen Gold, our Chief Marketing Officer, about the challenges and opportunities marketers face when promoting AI solutions to companies that want to know more about the foundational technology.  


Blog Highlights

AI capabilities are rapidly advancing and expanding into major industries. In our blog, we’ve been exploring why companies choose to invest in AI, the implications of these investments, and how society can quickly adapt to this wave of innovation. 


State of Education in Artificial Intelligence

Explore the implications of the U.S. and China taking vastly different approaches to implement AI courses into their educational systems. Access and familiarity with this increasingly important technology are considered imperative for the success of the emerging workforce. 


Exploring the Potential of AI in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is a large frontier for AI with strong implications for people on an international scale. Discover why professionals are both excited and daunted by the possibilities that AI will open up in this critical field. 


Improving Market-Making Profitability and Efficiency with SparkCognition Trading Suite

The current investment and trading landscape is more competitive than ever. This piece looks at SparkCognition Trading Suite and its ability to improve efficiency and profitability for financial service companies by optimizing their trading desk performance.


How Visual AI Makes the Modern Workplace Safer

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) management programs are essential for employee safety as well as for effective productivity and overall performance within a company. Rather than adopting reactionary responses to address workplace safety, the leading HSE practitioners are discovering how to leverage Visual AI to proactively identify potentially unsafe practices before accidents occur. 


Achieving World-Class Predictive Maintenance with Normal Behavior Modeling

Normal Behavior Modeling (NBM) is an anomaly detection technique that automates the complicated performance data analysis process while maximizing the accuracy of system alerts. This piece explores how NBM works, the problems it solves, and why companies are becoming more interested in applying this technique.  


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