Can’t Miss Content: Boosting Profitability with Visual AI, O&G Supermajors Going Green, Our Special School Safety Event, and More


With Thanksgiving around the corner, we have so much to be thankful for—our hardworking SparkCognition team, our inspiring customers and partners, and the amazing opportunity to help the world’s industry leaders solve critical challenges like scaling up renewable power, reducing workplace accidents, and accelerating digital transformation in manufacturing, retail, and energy.  

In case you missed it, take a look at this can’t-miss-content from our October blogs, webinars, and media mentions!

School Safety Event on December 7th at HyperWerx

There’s still time to register for our free in-person event, Preventing School Shootings with AI, on December 7th from 9 – 11:30 am at HyperWerx in Florence, TX. Join government leaders, school administrators, and safety professionals for an invitation-only event to experience how visual artificial intelligence is tapping into existing camera infrastructure to prevent school shootings and enhance overall safety. 

Upcoming and on-demand webinars

We’re here to help you unlock your business’ full potential with AI-powered solutions that enhance operational excellence, sustainability, and profitability. Our upcoming and on-demand webinars examine how visual AI and neural nets are changing the game for organizations looking to increase their bottom line while adhering to important social responsibility initiatives. 


Register now for these webinars:


Browse our recent webinars on-demand:


Around the Web: Media Mentions and Teamwork

It’s no secret that we prioritize thought leadership and sharing what we know about new and interesting applications of AI and machine learning. We are always grateful for the recognition we receive from trade groups, media, and other organizations. Check out some of our favorite media mentions from last month:


Rob Budny, VP of Renewables for SparkCognition, wrote in Giving Wind Direction – Wind Systems about how artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies can significantly improve wind energy operations with comprehensive, high-accuracy models that predict outcomes. 


Kunal Kislay, President of SparkCognition – India, presented SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor at the India Benchmark ESG 2022 Impact Conference where he explained the value of detecting and analyzing objects in a company’s video feed in real-time to increase productivity, strengthen security, and generate actionable insights.


Hughes Network Systems sat down with Sridhar Sudarsan, our CTO, to discuss how AI can be used to achieve business objectives more efficiently and how retailers can use the technology to generate actionable insights that improve performance.


The Business Times mentioned SparkCognition as a unicorn in the manufacturing industry with a wide variety of technological applications.


The Contractor highlighted the value of SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor, discussing our product’s ability to “use an organization’s existing infrastructure – whether fixed, drone-mounted, or mobile phones – to contextualize what it ‘sees.’” 


EHS Today featured comments from our Senior Director of Product Management, Jaidev Amrite, that showcase the value derived from the proactive nature of our visual AI technology rather than the reactive nature of most surveillance cameras in the world.


Our board chairman, Lord Browne of Madingley, spoke at the ADIPEC Strategic Conference, emphasizing the importance of energy security and accelerating the energy transition.  


We were thrilled to team up with Benchmark ESG I Gensuite at our HyperWerx facility to showcase real-world use cases of visual AI and how it can improve safety, efficiency, and profitability for companies. 


Blog Highlights

Some of our recent blog topics explore how AI is being used to extract actionable insights from big data, how to increase organizational efficiency with machine learning techniques, and how this technology can extend as far as saving lives in the educational environment.  


The Power of Visual AI to Improve School Safety

This piece examines the shortcomings of current school safety procedures and how SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor can overcome these challenges by automatically detecting, alerting, tracking, and preventing security threats in real time.


More with Less: How AI and Automation Alleviate Recession Woes

Wouldn’t it be great to do more with less? This piece discusses how AI will allow companies to accomplish that goal by strengthening their bottom line, protecting existing resources, and implementing strategies to gain market share – with less! This will be especially important in times of recession, allowing more companies to become cash-conservative while still performing at a high level.


The Disruptive Role of AI in Risk Management

From making objective, accurate analyses to giving specific recommendations with incomparable speed and continuous improvement, AI-enabled tools allow businesses to manage risk more effectively than ever before. 


Drowning in Data? AI can Help

As more businesses explore ways to harness the power of massive data sets, find out how AI can be used to help companies access and organize expansive data pools, creating a competitive advantage for companies that rely on accurate and timely insights from big data.


Vote of Confidence? AI’s Role in Politics is Up for Debate

What role does AI play in political campaigns? This blog discusses the many ways in which candidates employ different techniques to enhance their campaigns and connect more effectively with audiences through AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technology. 

Join the Conversation

Our team is always happy to explain the ways organizations can realize the value of AI and machine learning capabilities. Let us know when you’re ready to take the next step in your journey toward a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future!


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