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SparkCognition is a fast-moving company. In just nine years, we’ve gone from startup to unicorn, deploying AI-powered solutions at enterprise scale for major industries across the globe. Keeping up with everything we’re doing isn’t always easy, but we’ve got you covered! 


In case you missed anything, check out this can’t-miss content from our July blogs, webinars, op-eds, and media mentions.


Upcoming and on-demand webinars

We’re tracking the rapid advancements for improving worker safety with visual AI. Upcoming webinars examine how workplaces can become safer with a proactive, AI-enabled approach to preventing incidents before they happen. 

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3 Ways Visual AI Will Transform Worker Safety, Thursday, Sept. 1 at 1 p.m. CST 

3 Transformations Redefining Worker Safety with Visual AI Thursday, Aug. 18 at 1 p.m. CST 

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We’re always grateful when media and trade groups recognize SparkCognition for our contributions toward building a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future with artificial intelligence. Here are some of our recent kudos:


SparkCognition’s work in the energy, cybersecurity, and other sectors earned a place as one of the KMWorld AI 50 for 2022, as one of the Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management.


Analytics Insight recently featured SparkCognition as one of the most promising Artificial Intelligence Startups of 2022.


The Society of Petroleum Engineers recognized SparkCognition with a Regional Distinguished Corporate Support Award.


SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS) was chosen as one of the 27 companies to support the United States Department of Defense JADC2 battlefield strategy contract worth up to $950M.


VentureBeat named SparkCognition to its “10 new AI unicorns flying high in 2022” list, keenly observing that while other venture capital trends are down, AI research and applications investments are booming—predicted to hit $500 billion by 2024 and contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.


Around the web

SparkCognition prioritizes thought leadership, and our team constantly takes the opportunity to contextualize AI and machine learning. In case you missed them the first time, here are some of our favorite recent appearances on external media channels:


“Our energy asset management offerings solve problems across the full spectrum of the sector – from oil and gas to renewable resources.” Philippe Herve, SparkCognition’s Senior Vice President of Energy and Sustainability, discussed our award-winning AI solutions’ impact across multiple industries with Energy Tech Review. Read the full article here to learn how we leverage our patented AI technology to create more sustainable, safer, and profitable businesses.


Built in Austin sat down with Devin Peters, our Senior Human Resources Business Partner, to discuss the key drivers for joining SparkCognition and the perks and projects that keep her excited about showing up for work every day.


Rob Budny, VP of Renewables for SparkCognition, wrote in North American Clean Energy about how renewable energy—powered by next-generation, end-to-end AI technology—will take renewables from a newsworthy buzzword to a sustainable and safer future.


Intel spoke with Stephen Gold, SparkCognition’s Chief Marketing Officer, to discuss the relationship between the two companies and how SC solves complex problems around predictive maintenance, worker safety, asset management, and cost efficiency.


Highlights from our blog

The expansion of AI’s capabilities over the past 20 years has opened up so many new frontiers in ways it can impact and improve modern society. Some recent topics from our blog look at how the sports world, the renewable energy sector, and major infrastructure systems are being impacted. Also: how recent advancements have made human language another big opportunity for companies focused on natural language processing capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence and the New Urban Infrastructure

From remedying aging waterworks to optimizing mass transit systems, urban metropolises all over the world are using AI technology to solve age-old infrastructure problems. This piece looks at what’s happening around us and what’s ahead.

Artificial Intelligence in the Sporting World

The book and film Moneyball captured the major shift in using data in baseball and the difference it made. 20-plus years later, AI has gone miles beyond in analyzing and decision-making for coaches and players.

Charting Machine Learning Advancements Through Transformers and Beyond

Strap on your thinking caps and feel your brain grow (while enjoying a topical and timeless Groucho Marx joke). Explore new methods in machine learning technology—including transformers and generative adversarial networks—expanding how we use AI.

AI Helps Renewable Energy Producers Beat the Heat Caused by Peak Demand

Energy producers all over the country have been pushing it to the limit with this summer’s elevated temps. Renewable energy projects are crucial to supporting today’s energy needs. Learn how AI is helping operators stay productive and profitable.


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