Can’t Miss Content: Our groundbreaking collaboration with Shell, and more


Last month, we were thrilled to tell the world about our game-changing generative AI technology collaboration with Shell to accelerate the pace of imaging and exploration of subsurface structures. 

This patented innovation—using deep AI neural nets to understand nature and decode the earth’s structure—enables faster and more accurate energy exploration and decreases the probability of misplaced or wasteful drilling. Learn more about it, plus more highlights from an action-packed May.


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Unleashing the Power of Generative AI: Revolutionize Your Industrial Operations

July 27, 2023 | 2 PM CT

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Big news: SparkCognition and Shell’s seismic-scale technology breakthrough to accelerate the pace of O&G exploration

On May 16, 2023, SparkCognition and Shell announced a technology breakthrough using

generative AI to accelerate the pace of O&G exploration. This was the first external mention of a collaboration with Shell that’s been steadily advancing for several years, and we were gratified to see such an enthusiastic response from the media and the energy industry. 

Press coverage included mainstream media as well as industry-specific publications, with almost 400 outlets syndicating the news and 11 original articles—including a syndicated feature by Reuters Oil Correspondent Stephanie Kelly: 


Here’s your quick primer on what this technology signifies and what it promises going forward.

What did we announce?

On May 16, we announced a technology collaboration with Shell to accelerate the pace of imaging and exploration of subsurface structures using generative AI. By using advanced AI algorithms to process large amounts of data and automate the analysis, we aim to improve the efficiency and speed of exploration workflows, leading to potentially increased production and higher success rates.

Why are we calling this a breakthrough?

This is the first occurrence of applying generative AI with deep neural nets to map Earth’s subsurface. Our multi-patent pending approach uses deep learning to generate reliable images of the earth’s substructure with as little as 1% of the available data, in a fraction of the time and at significantly reduced cost (computer, storage, and engineering resources).

What is the relationship with Shell?

We have a multi-year agreement with Shell that advances the research and applies the use of generative AI in areas of subsurface mapping.

What are the more common techniques to map subsurface substructures?

O&G exploration companies currently use Reverse-Time Migration (RTM) for seismic imaging.

What makes our approach unique or differentiated?

While there are other seismic solutions using deep neural networks and other advanced AI, our multi-patent pending approach uses deep learning in the seismic migration process with as little as 1% of the available data—in a fraction of the time—and at a significantly reduced cost.

What is the value of applying Generative AI to exploration?

The traditional approach to subsurface imaging and data analysis is time-intensive and costly, relying on terabytes of data, high-performance computing, and complex physics-based algorithms to analyze and identify exploration opportunities. Our proprietary generative AI approach uses deep learning to generate reliable subsurface images using far fewer seismic shots (as little as 1% in completed field trials) than traditionally necessary while preserving subsurface image quality. This offers substantial workflow acceleration and HPC cost-saving opportunities, opening the door to novel applications and further innovation.

What is our broader vision for how generative AI applies to our industrial clients and prospects?

Our Generative AI platform tailored for industrial customers will enable enterprises to accelerate their adoption of the use of LLMs in a secure, scalable, and highly accelerated way. The platform will span the infrastructure, data models, and user experience to provide a holistic solution.

Where else could this technology be applied?

This groundbreaking approach can be applied to other critical problems, including on-shore exploration, carbon sequestration, threat assessment for national defense, satellite imaging, and more.

If you have any questions about this patented technology innovation, please get in touch with us


Around the Web

While our collaboration with Shell was the top headline last month, we had a lot going on across other categories, as well. Here’s a quick snapshot of SparkCognition’s awards, articles, events, and miscellaneous from the month of May. 

TechTribune recognized us as one of the Best Tech Startups in Texas for 2023 

In Processing Magazine, our director of energy sales, Jason Chadee, wrote about how AI is revolutionizing the offshore oil and gas industry, from predicting equipment failures to optimizing drilling processes

In Forbes, our founder and CEO, Amir Husain, reflected on the outstanding 41-year career of Dr. Greg Hyslop, Chief Engineer Emeritus and Executive Vice President at Boeing—one of the great visionaries of modern aerospace engineering (and a founding director of SkyGrid). 

Campus Safety Magazine featured SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor as a solution to proactively detect and alert when potential active shooter threats are developing on campus, capitalizing on those critical seconds and minutes prior to an incident.

Just like the Beach Boys, we get around! You may have seen us presenting at these awesome May events.

At our Austin headquarters, we hosted our first-ever “Yappy” Hour, and it was pawsitively fabulous! Check out these photos of our employees’ furry friends!


Our Latest Blogs

Our May blog highlights included an appreciation of Asian-American and Pacific Islanders who have helped connect the world through technology, an explainer of why AI is growing so fast, and a call to action (courtesy of SGS) to redefine contested logistics in the Navy using AI-enabled approaches. 


Stay Plugged In

Just like that, we’re looking at the second half of 2023. And what a year it’s been for AI so far!

Be sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on all our company news and AI advancements. 

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