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Fall is officially here, so get ready for pumpkin spice and changing leaves. It’s also time once again for a moment of reflection while looking forward to the final quarter of 2022. And while it’s still a bit early to begin dusting off those holiday decorations, it’s a great time to look back at our best webinars, media mentions, and blogs from September—in case you missed it! 


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We’re here to help you stay on top of the most recent advancements for improving worker safety, operational excellence, and sustainability. Check out our upcoming and on-demand webinars that will give you a better understanding of how our AI solutions are solving companies’ most critical business problems. 


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The SparkCognition team prioritizes thought leadership, and we are always thrilled to discuss the many ways in which our AI solutions deliver value by empowering organizations to operate more sustainably, safely, and profitably than ever before. We are also honored when trade groups, media, and other organizations recognize SparkCognition for our contributions toward achieving operational excellence across a wide variety of industries. Here are some of our favorite appearances from September:


Microsoft mentioned SparkCognition as a company that “extend[s] its ability to delight customers and enhance partner support.” Read our Customer Story to learn more about how we invest our resources into creating the most value for our customers. 


Tracxn featured SparkCognition as one of the unicorn companies in “CyberSecurity startups of 2022,” a list of the most promising startups leading the cybersecurity industry from across the globe.


Milton Lopez, chief designer for SkyGrid (SparkCognition’s joint venture with Boeing), goes in depth in a recent article for Pipeline titled “AI In The Real World” detailing how AI intersects with everyday facets of life such as health and safety, maintenance, and shipping and aviation.


Logan Jones, President and General Manager of SparkCognition Government Systems shared his perspectives in a recent article for Signal, “The Time for Disruptive Innovation Is Now,” discussing why creative technologies and disruptive innovation are essential for modern standards of warfighter readiness. 


Blog Highlights


The applications and capabilities of AI are constantly evolving to further improve society and the way business gets done. Our recent blogs highlight how AI is positively impacting the renewable energy industry, the current workforce, and school safety. Look through our extensive blog library here.


Visual AI for School Safety: Time to Act

What more can we do to address the safety crisis facing schools? Visual AI technology can provide a scalable, secure, and proactive solution to protect our students and faculty.


Exploring How Digital Twins Can Benefit From AI 

Find out how leveraging AI can help digital twin programs deliver the performance levels organizations need to be successful. In this blog, you’ll learn what computerized digital twins are, how they work, and how companies derive value from them by improving their decision-making processes. 


Renewable Suite – Charting a Path to Sustainable Profitability

Within the renewable energy sector, there are many benefits of AI-powered performance management systems, including increased revenue, fewer failures, optimized time, and better planning. This piece explains how today’s renewable operators overcome the challenge of delivering power reliably and sustainably while owning and operating a complex mix of generation and storage assets. 


Visual AI Builds Business Intelligence for Convenience Store Operators

SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor turns existing cameras into analytical tools. Check out this blog to learn how visual AI enhances the methods used to gather and apply business intelligence in the dynamic environment of a convenience store, resulting in significant revenue growth, enhanced customer experiences, and higher operational efficiency for companies.


AI and the Evolving Workforce

AI will undoubtedly change and enhance the current workforce, allowing workers to explore more skilled positions within a company and creating more value for organizations as a whole. This piece addresses how AI will affect the average worker and discusses the correlation between disruptive innovations of the past and the creation of new jobs.


The 5 Questions to Consider Before Investing in AI

There are five main questions that stakeholders must consider before investing in AI, and this blog covers them all! Check it out to learn more about what specific factors must be examined before an organization launches and carries out a successful AI project.


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