Celebrating AAPI Innovators: Shaping the Future of Tech and Artificial Intelligence


In celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, we shine a spotlight on remarkable individuals who have left an indelible mark on the field of technology and artificial intelligence (AI). These trailblazers have not only pushed the boundaries of innovation but also paved the way for future generations. Let’s delve into the contributions of these visionaries who have shaped the future of AI.


Fei-Fei Li is the co-director of Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Institute. She was responsible for building ImageNet, a 15 million-image dataset that contributed to the latest developments in deep learning and AI. She co-founded the nonprofit AI4ALL, which supports K-12 education programs for underrepresented groups in AI, stating, “We all have a responsibility to make sure everyone—including companies, governments, and researchers—develops AI with diversity in mind.” Renowned for her work in computer vision and deep learning, her contributions have revolutionized AI research, and her commitment to diversity and inclusivity has helped shape the AI community. 


Andrew Ng, founder & CEO of Landing AI, Founder of deeplearning.ai, Co-Chairman, and Co-Founder of Coursera, has made significant strides in AI. His expertise in machine learning has democratized education, empowering learners worldwide. Dr. Ng has authored or co-authored over 200 research papers in machine learning, robotics, and related fields. In 2013, Time Magazine named him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.



Ajay Bhatt is the visionary behind the creation of universal serial bus (USB) technology, which has become ubiquitous in the last decade. USB technology was created in the 1990s by Ajay, Intel’s chief systems technologist. Whether plugging in a mouse, phone charger, or portable data storage drive, USB has simplified the connectivity experience for billions of users worldwide. With USB now integrated into over 10 billion devices globally, it enables seamless connections between computers and a wide array of peripherals, including keyboards, printers, and more. As a versatile “translator,” USB eliminates the need for disparate connectors, providing a user-friendly universal solution that enhances convenience and accessibility.



Yoky Matsuoka has focused on developing innovative technologies that bridge the gap between humans and machines. Yoky played a vital role in developing and advancing the field of neurorobotics, combining neuroscience and robotics to create intelligent and adaptive machines. Her work has led to groundbreaking advancements in prosthetics, human-machine interfaces, and assistive technologies. Yoky’s expertise and leadership have also been instrumental in leading teams at companies like Google and Nest, where she has contributed to the development of cutting-edge products. Her pioneering work has not only enhanced our understanding of the human brain and its interaction with technology but has also paved the way for future advancements in AI and robotics. Her research and innovations have proven life-changing for those with brain injuries and reduced functional capabilities.  


Reshma Saujani is the CEO and Founder of Girls Who Code. Reshma is an advocate for women in STEAM. Through Girls Who Code, Reshma has empowered and inspired thousands of young women to pursue careers in technology, fostering a new generation of talent. Her efforts have helped bridge the gender gap in tech and promote inclusivity. Reshma Saujani’s contributions extend beyond her advocacy work, as she has also authored books and delivered influential TED Talks, shedding light on the importance of women’s representation in AI and tech. She started her career as a lawyer and activist and was the first Indian American woman to run for US Congress.



The contributions of these AAPI innovators have not only advanced the frontiers of technology but also inspired generations to pursue their passion for AI. As we celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, let’s honor their exceptional achievements and continue to foster a diverse and inclusive AI community where brilliant minds from all backgrounds can thrive and shape the future of technology.  At SparkCognition, we are proud to continue the tradition of those who forged the way in AI and technology. And we’re excited about the future as we pursue our mission to deliver world-class AI solutions that allow organizations to solve their most critical problems, empowering them to run a more sustainable, safer, and profitable business. Learn more about the technology behind our award-winning solutions here.

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