“Brazil Could Achieve a GDP Increase of 7.1% with Full Adoption of AI Technologies.”

DuckerFrontier / Microsoft

Activating a National AI Strategy

With its talented workforce, world-class infrastructure, digital government initiatives, and entrepreneurial culture, Brazil is well-primed for a national digital transformation driven by artificial intelligence. 

That’s why SparkCognition is working in Brazil. We’re an AI-first company, and our mission is the safety, efficiency, and resiliency of the cyber-physical world for countries around the globe. SparkCognition brings years of expertise to help customers in Brazil create and deploy artificial intelligence strategies for oil and gas, energy, mining, finance, and more.

What we’re developing in Brazil

Local Talent

Innovation-Focused Enterprises

New Digital Solutions

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“By 2030, AI is expected to be contributing US $96 billion to the UAE’s GDP.”

PwC Middle East

Driving Rapid Technological Advancement

The UAE is committed to advancing AI in the region, as it lays out in its national artificial intelligence strategy—the first of its kind.

At SparkCognition, we’re dedicated to advancing both the science and implementation of artificial intelligence worldwide. Using our years of expertise, we’re supporting the UAE’s mission by bringing our leading AI solutions to the region’s industries, including oil and gas, finance, energy, and more.

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