SparkCognition and our technology partners are creating cutting-edge AI-powered ecosystems to enhance predictive maintenance, cybersecurity, natural language processing, and more.

Our Partners

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Our Partners

Cybersoft is an IT-enabler software solutions developer with rapidly growing business in North America and Pakistan. Cybersoft is partnering with SparkCognition to embed AI-based technology into their advanced analytics software packages.

Deloitte Digital is a recognized industry leader utilizing technology, data, and science to drive major IoT business innovation. SparkCognition and Deloitte are working together to optimize the reliability, efficiency, and security of diverse and complex assets.

Global HITSS is a company dedicated to driving digital transformation in 25 countries throughout the Americas and Europe. Enabled by SparkCognition technology, it is adding artificial intelligence solutions to its portfolio, assisting sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, retail, transportation, logistics, hospitality, energy, and natural resources.

With these solutions, companies are able to make better use of data to improve their daily operations, from being more energy-efficient to reducing time and costs of predictive maintenance in plants, as well as overhauling robotic operations processes in production lines.

152.36 by 36.597

Google is a technology company specializing in internet-related services and products. SparkCognition leverages Google’s powerful Cloud Platform to help customers solve complex problems at scale and velocity with our cognitive AI software.

Intel has the industry’s most comprehensive suite of hardware and software technologies, delivering broad capabilities and supporting diverse approaches for AI. SparkCognition and Intel are working together to accelerate IoT edge analytics adoption.

Naizak Global Engineering Systems is an engineering & IT conglomerate providing specialized services to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Electrical, Power and IT companies. Established in 1998 and has a wide coverage in the Middle East, Asia & Europe with help of its partner companies.

Naizak is a totally customer driven, local services organization, with a deliberate policy of heavy investment in staff of a very high caliber and specialization.

OSIsoft manufactures application software for management of real-time data and events. SparkCognition helps OSIsoft customers gain more insights and value from their OSI PI investments by leveraging SparkPredict for improved operational efficiency.

Why partner with SparkCognition?

SparkCognition’s technology is capable of augmenting partner operations by harnessing real-time data and learning from it continuously. This can be applied to mitigate risk of asset failures or disasters; analyze log data and natural language sources to provide signature-free detection and automated cyber threat assessment; or analyze unstructured data and create natural interfaces for machine-human communication. By applying SparkCognition’s technology, our partners are able to minimize uncertainty in their operations.