Better Together

At SparkCognition we are excited to bring the value of AI to the connected world through our channel sales program.

SparkCognition partners with leading cloud, technology, cybersecurity, and services companies to solve the most difficult industrial challenges with data and artificial intelligence. Our partners span the globe, driving successful AI initiatives with cutting-edge technology and expertise in data engineering, data science‚ and application development. Together, we deliver a seamless customer experience to drive the best business outcome possible.

Our Partners

Why partner with SparkCognition?

SparkCognition’s technology is capable of augmenting partner operations by harnessing real-time data and learning from it continuously. This can be applied to mitigate risk of asset failures or disasters; analyze log data and natural language sources to provide signature-free detection and automated cyber threat assessment; or analyze unstructured data and create natural interfaces for machine-human communication. By applying SparkCognition’s technology, our partners are able to minimize uncertainty in their operations.