Cyber Warfare: The Role of AI and Machine Learning

The Beginning: How we used AI and machine learning in Warfare / Cyber Warfare

Soviet Teletanks (WWII -1930s to 1940s)

– One of the first forms of military robots

– Wireless remotely controlled unmanned tanks produced in the Soviet Union

Colossus Mark I Computer (WWII – 1943 to 1945)

– Developed by British codebreakers in 1943-1945

– Designed to encrypt radiotelegraphy messages from the German army commands

AAI RQ-2 Pioneer (1986-2007)

– The first tactical battlefield drone used by the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Army, and deployed at sea and on land from 1986 until 2007

– The Pioneer has flown reconnaissance missions during the Persian Gulf, Somalia (UNOSOM II), Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq conflicts

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