AI-Driven Cyber Defense for Industrial Endpoint Assets

The average industrial cyber attack costs organizations USD $5 million for a single data breach. Research from Ponemon Institute has found that 90% of industrial organizations have suffered a cyber attack in the last three years alone.

The DeepArmor Industrial product can be installed on Monday, receive no updates all week, and remain an effective defense on Friday—even if entirely new threats emerge on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Why DeepArmor Industrial?

Increased digitization and the expanding need for connectivity exceptions in operational technology (OT) environments are challenging traditional perimeter-based security models. Even in air-gapped networks, bad actors are exploiting vulnerabilities that exist due to unpatched legacy control systems, USB access, and other flawed security policies.

The DeepArmor Industrial product uses a defense in depth approach, centered around next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) to defend legacy and modern critical infrastructure from escalating cyber attacks. Its protection agents are based on AI models that are specifically trained on industrial attacks to prevent never-before-seen threats in connected and isolated environments.

Deployment Options

Support for Windows NT 5.0+ operating on Windows XP – Windows 10 and Windows Server 2000 – Windows Server 2019. This includes Embedded versions of Windows.

Minimum HW requirements: Pentium 233 (MHz) or faster, 64 MB RAM, 300MB Disk

Management Console Deployed On-Premise

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