AI Endpoint Protection Designed for OT Environments

Introducing the most compelling and sustainable AI-based approach to prevent industrial attacks in disconnected OT environments.

  • Prevent Industrial Zero-day Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats
    Leverage advanced predictive AI protection that prevents never-before-seen attacks in disconnected and isolated environments
  • Protect Unpatched Legacy Systems
    Designed to provide a backstop for industrial systems that operate on legacy platforms (e.g., Windows 2000) that are unpatched or under-patched
  • Protect Fixed Function Systems
    Built-In Application, USB, and Script Control capabilities give security teams the ability to implement a zero-trust, whitelisting approach to system security
  • Autonomous Security on Isolated Networks
    Designed to protect autonomously on isolated OT networks, DeepArmor Industrial does not require frequent updates or connection to a management console

Why DeepArmor Industrial?

Instead of using signatures, heuristics, or rules­-based approaches to detect threats, DeepArmor exclusively uses AI to prevent file­-based, file-­less, and in­-memory attacks. DeepArmor pioneered the use of AI models in this space, having been first to use AI to detect phishing attacks using office documents, weaponized PDFs, and direct­ to memory powershell attacks.

As a leading supplier of industrial AI solutions for predictive maintenance and asset management, SparkCognition’s footprint and domain expertise are unparalleled. We are excited to partner with Siemens to bring these advanced threat detection capabilities to market to solve the unique requirements of the OT space.

Deployment Options

Support for Windows NT 5.0+ operating on Windows XP  – Windows 10 and Windows Server 2000  – Windows Server 2019.  This includes Embedded versions of Windows.

Minimum HW requirements: Pentium 233 (MHz) or faster, 64 MB RAM, 300MB Disk

Management Console Deployed On-Premise

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