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Streamline Business by Unlocking Unstructured Data

DeepNLP® is a scalable solution that uses deep learning to deliver human intelligence at machine scale to your documents. DeepNLP® intelligently retrieves information with minimal user training; adds structure to documents by extracting key entities; and automates business processes by classifying documents in a cutting-edge and configurable way.
Most organizations today have massive databases of information, and little to no efficient way of finding and using the information they need. According to Oracle, only 20% of all generated data is structured data, formatted to be easily understood by machines. The rest is locked away in emails, journals, notes, images, analog data, and more. However, DeepNLP® allows machines to use and understand language in similar ways as humans, unlocking a vast wealth of valuable insight from written or spoken documents.

Document Classification

  • Automates decision-making within a workflow by classifying documents
  • Organizes and maintains hierarchical categories and labels
  • Enables business users to build, maintain, and deploy document classifiers
  • Preserves confidentiality of data

Cognitive Information Retrieval

  • Retrieves complex information from free text in databases and manuals
  • Learns client- and industry-specific jargon and relationships from ingested documents
  • Understands tabular data and figures
  • Discovers unknown correlations between events

Entity Extraction

  • Integrates with DeepNLP® Document Classification to extract entities and relationships specific to the type of document
  • Supports due diligence, smart contracts, and blockchain
  • Enhances entity extraction with real-world knowledge of domain experts.

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