Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology USA 2023

Rome Ruiz, SGS Senior Director, Business Development, will speak at the event.

Event Summary

The development of unmanned systems in the land and air domains has grown rapidly over the last decade, and the importance of unmanned systems in the maritime domain has and will only continue to grow. In 2021 the US Navy revealed their Unmanned Campaign Framework, outlining the goal to innovate and adapt new technology to build a more lethal and distributed naval force for the future. The US is now committed to deliver a hybrid fleet will be necessary for the Navy to meet emerging security concerns and compete and win in an era of great power competition by expanding and developing a range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned undersea vehicles (UUV), and unmanned surface vessels (USV).

Key topics to be discussed include: Autonomy for MCM and ASW operations, updates on key unmanned platform programs (such as UUV and USVs), preparing and supporting unmanned systems for operations, Manned/Unmanned Teaming, UMS interoperability initiatives, unmanned hydrography and oceanography, and many more.


Ashley Sanks and Rome Ruiz will represent SparkCognition Government Systems at the event. Rome will speak on the topic, “Evolving the Maritime Mission: Manned and Unmanned Dominance with AI.”

Our Representatives

Rome Ruiz

Rome Ruiz is the Senior Director of Business Development for US Navy, US Marine Corps and DoD for SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS). He has over three decades of national security and defense experience in the U.S. and globally, in which he’s worked extensively within the DoD, and with commercial defense companies and foreign governments.

Ashley Sanks

Ashley Sanks is a Business Development Executive for SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS). Sanks has a decade of experience within the Business Development profession.

Attending This Event?

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