How artificial intelligence can help improve school security


New AI Technology Could Revolutionize School Security

A new type of technology developed by a Texas-based artificial intelligence solutions company is being called a game changer regarding school security.


SparkCognition’s Visual AI Advisor uses existing school camera systems to monitor for potential threats in real time. It can identify weapons, individuals, and their movements and alert law enforcement when a threat is detected. “The whole idea behind artificial intelligence is to act in the moment to predict and prevent something from transpiring,” said Stephen Gold, SparkCognition’s Chief Marketing Officer. “So as soon as an object, for like example, a weapon, is detected, our Visual AI Advisor can send an alert an alarm to local authorities or school resource officers so that they can make their way to the appropriate place in the school to prevent this from even unfolding.”


The technology is customizable, so schools can choose the alerts they want to receive. For example, they could receive an alert if an unknown vehicle with an unknown license plate pulls onto campus or an individual from that vehicle emerges. They could also receive an alert if a briefcase is detected carrying a weapon.
“These alerts are all customizable,” Gold said. “And what you’re really pointing to um is a situation we would call threat identification so it’s not simply one thing it’s not the presence of a car we don’t recognize is not even uh the appearance of a person that’s unknown uh, it’s the combination of all of these things being presented to the AI which is building confidence in its understanding of what actually is transpiring.”


As school shootings continue to make headlines, it is clear that there is a need for better security measures in schools. Artificial intelligence has the potential to play a significant role in making schools safer, and we will likely see more and more of this technology being used in schools in the years to come.


SparkCognition is a Texas-based artificial intelligence solutions company that works to solve problems while making industries more sustainable, safer, and more profitable. The company is based out of Austin. See full news story here.

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