How to Benefit from AI Technology Right Now


Roughly 42% of industry executives are currently considering predictive analytics, but haven’t acted yet. They may be on board with the idea, but aren’t quick to make the leap because they have a misconception that the process is lengthy and difficult.

As a result of this perception, I am often asked about the quickest ways to benefit from the AI revolution. Two specific areas in which AI can bring immediate value to a corporation are cybersecurity and natural language processing.


Artificial intelligence has enabled a new generation of software that can detect threats on day zero. These solutions pave the future for endpoint security through greater accuracy and flexibility.

SparkCognition’s DeepArmor® has proven to be the best of the new breed of antimalware. It protects against polymorphic malware by looking deep into a file’s DNA to determine if it is malicious. In the latest ransomware outbreak “Bad Rabbit,” which infected hundreds of computers globally, DeepArmor was one of the few engines that detected the malware on day one. “Bad Rabbit” is just one of three global cyberattacks in the last six months where DeepArmor successfully identified the threat before it could cause more harm.

No daily updates are required for DeepArmor which frees the network while keeping a very small footprint on the endpoint device. This also means, no more scans of the hard drive or freezes while the antivirus is running. DeepArmor is immediately available for enterprise deployment.

Natural Language Processing

Most people don’t have the time to sift through thousands of documents, emails, and updates. Thankfully, natural language processing, a search function aided by artificial intelligence, can efficiently deliver results.

NLP allows for the cognitive search of complex documents which eliminates the need to search through data using just key word searches. This would save time while still delivering meaningful responses.

NLP is utilized throughout SparkCognition products. For example, in sales support, AI identifies key features of customer inquiries to route to the appropriate department, and provides supporting documentation for that inquiry. In maintenance optimization is achieved through searching manuals and logs using natural speech and providing focused results to the technician performing a task.

DeepNLP is also immediately available and can be deployed in just days at an enterprise level. This ensures that corporate knowledge is instantly accessible to every employee or customer.

Immediate Value Created

Gathering data, setting up a historian, understanding the value of the data and defining the right models can take months, if not years for the ones that start from scratch. During the work of acquiring and analyzing data to implement more complex real-time solutions, it is possible for businesses to start benefiting from AI in just hours by incorporating DeepArmor and DeepNLP into current operations.

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