One Approach, Unlimited Applications

Using our patented approach to developing models, we deploy solutions across multiple industries. Our algorithms are data agnostic, which provides a scalable approach to solving many of the world’s toughest problems.

AI applications deliver forewarning of asset failure or flight issues, and better understanding of aviation assets and systems.
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Cognitive endpoint protection built from AI to detect and prevent threats at machine scale.
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Financial Services
Secure sensitive data with cognitive endpoint protection, and organize document hierarchies with natural language processing.
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AI adds certainty and reduces variability for manufacturing operations, allowing them to remain competitive in a global environment.
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Absorb data within and across ship classes, delivering invaluable guidance for comprehensive fleet management.
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Oil & Gas
Guard against cyber threats with anomaly detection, monitor and optimize operations using predictive maintenance, and adapt to downhole conditions in real time.
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Augment subject matter experts while providing advance notice of asset health issues by analyzing historical and real-time sensor data.
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Enhance every aspect of operations, including endpoint protection, maintenance and logistics, intelligence analysis, and mission effectiveness.
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“Security continues to be a burning need for customers, and continued breaches and hacks reiterate the inefficacy of current market offerings. SparkCognition’s demonstrated cognitive security platform brings a game changing narrative to the equation in this fast moving and emerging field.”

Vijay Doradla
Director at Verizon Ventures

“What we cannot do is generate best practices and recommendations automatically, and that is why we need cognitive technologies.”

Fereidoun Abbassian
BP Vice President of Technology, on SparkCognitionPosition

“Through its partnership with SparkCognition, Flowserve can now create dynamic models of pumps under various operating conditions and can apply multi-dimensional analysis to provide early warning of potential equipment failures, often well before they could be detected by humans, if at all.”

David Clayton
ARC Advisory Group

“Today, our country faces a great many challenges, but perhaps none as significant as the rapidly evolving cyber threats that compromise our nation’s critical infrastructure. SparkCognition is deploying next generation cognitive technology that is necessary to address these realities, and I consider their work a national asset.”

General John Allen
USMC (ret.)

“LSE has teamed up with… SparkCognition to develop its AI-enhanced surveillance.”

Chris Corrado
Chief Operating Officer of LSE Group