Take flight with AI-enabled efficiency gains for the Aviation industry.

Enabling safer, more profitable airline operations

Predict critical aircraft subcomponent failures

SparkCognition’s cognitive analytics generate early warnings of impending failure and forecast potential flight issues to minimize impact.

Increase lead time to take corrective action

Our AI solutions analyze sensor and hangar data proactively, warning operators when components are trending toward failure with enough lead time to schedule and perform repairs.

Improve knowledge access and retention

Natural language processing codifies and classifies documents like historical maintenance logs to provide recommendations for the best course of action based on past repairs, optimizing workflows for airline-wide operations.

As A&D customers become more demanding in terms of delivery schedules and customization, industry players are expected to increasingly need highly agile production and predictive quality controls. By investing in digital technologies, the industry could be at the forefront of manufacturing, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


Reduce unexpected downtime

Our solution flags any values in critical aircraft subcomponents that deviate from the norm to pinpoint where, when, and how an equipment failure will take place. Get notice of pending asset failures up to weeks in advance.

Minimize operational costs

Machine learning models proactively identify problematic behaviors up to months in advance, enabling more efficient operations, more agility in planning maintenance, and reducing turnaround times for aircraft availability.

Optimize asset performance

Advanced behavior modeling flags underperformance of aircraft components and provides insights into conditions that cause parts to fail faster. Find optimal repair solutions through rich content analytics derived from asset maintenance logs and user manuals.

Streamline decision making

Advanced machine learning techniques automate retrieval of unstructured data —like aircraft maintenance logs and input from safety and mechanical SMEs—so decision makers can focus more time on high value business outcomes.

Prevent zero-day cyber attacks

SparkCognition’s highly trusted, highly awarded AI-built cybersecurity solution protects against zero-day ransomware, viruses, malware, and more. Prevents 99.9% of never-before-seen attacks.

Rapidly scale AI

Machine learning models can be developed in hours, not weeks, and without data science expertise. Unlock insights in enterprise data with models that adapt themselves dynamically even as aircraft components or assets may change.

Find out how SparkCognition can protect, monitor, and optimize your operations.

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