SparkCognition’s AI solutions lowered the cost of maintenance and improved asset availability for a major aviation operator by 35%.

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"SparkCognition is at the forefront of a technological shift in machine learning and artificial intelligence which will revolutionize every aspect of industry. They are leaders in AI, and they are pursuing the types of technologies that are critical to our future products and services."

Improving efficiency for the aviation industry

Aviation comes with a lot of overhead—which means you can’t afford inefficiencies in your operations. SparkCognition’s AI solutions warn of aircraft and asset failures before they occur, maximizing fleet availability, minimizing unscheduled maintenance, and extending asset life. Natural language processing reduces troubleshooting time by automatically classifying fault codes and recommending best corrective actions. SparkCognition provides a simulated environment in which a user can train control algorithms and evolve swarm tactics using reinforcement learning.

Improve your Operations

Enable Predictability of Operations

Enable Predictability of Operations

SparkCognition’s cognitive analytics generate early warnings of impending failure and forecast potential flight issues to minimize impact.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

AI models recommend optimization solutions by analyzing sensor and hanger data, and enable better scheduling of maintenance with reliable failure prediction.

Improve Knowledge Access and Retention

Improve Knowledge Access and Retention

Natural language processing codifies and classifies documents, simplifying maintenance by connecting data insights with corresponding documentation and optimizing workflow for airline-wide operations.

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