Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Predict and prevent zero-day attacks with AI for next-generation cybersecurity

SparkCognition’s AI-powered endpoint protection solution combines the power of big data with patented machine learning algorithms to predict and prevent today’s most advanced attacks—including zero-day—using AI models that meet your specific needs.


Proven Value

“SparkCognition’s expertise in artificial intelligence dramatically levels up the staying power of endpoint protections for the energy sector.”

Leo Simonovich, Vice President and Global Head, Industrial Cyber and Digital Security at Siemens Energy

    Effective endpoint protection begins with AI in cybersecurity

    The scale, frequency, and complexity of cyberattacks routinely overwhelm legacy signature-based antivirus (AV) solutions. Factoring in the full financial impact of destroyed data, productivity losses, stolen intellectual property, embezzlement, data theft, disruption of normal business activities, and the cost of recuperating hacked systems, the global cost of cybercrime is predicted to reach $10.5T annually by 2025.

    In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, businesses, governments, and individual consumers need next-generation defense to protect their people, data, reputations, and bottom lines. SparkCognition’s AI solutions in cybersecurity are proven to be effective against novel threats without known signatures, going beyond the protection available from signature-based tools.

    Close the protection gap on unprotected operational technology (OT) assets with AI in cybersecurity

    You can’t afford to let your industrial assets fall victim to damaging cyberattacks. Predict and prevent zero-day attacks with the industry’s most effective AI protection.

    SparkCognition’s AI solutions in cybersecurity deliver next-generation protection beyond signature-based anti-malware products—especially when dealing with zero-day attacks. Our lightweight, award-winning SparkCognitionTM EPP product shields Mac, Windows, and Linux endpoints against a broad range of known and unknown attacks—all without requiring signature updates or consuming significant system resources.

    Overcome the human factor with always-on AI protection

    Cybercriminals know that your busy employees are soft targets for increasingly sophisticated phishing texts and emails. User behavior constitutes a massive weakness in common cyber defense systems—over 90% of cyberattacks start from phishing emails.

    SparkCognition’s AI solutions in cybersecurity add an always-on layer of defense, even when your users aren’t paying attention, by blocking unpermitted applications and analyzing all critical files for malicious content and intent prior to execution. Endpoints remain protected, even when disconnected from the network, leading to higher productivity for all included workstations.

    Maximize your zero-day attack coverage with minimally disruptive protection

    SparkCognition’s next-generation endpoint protection improves enterprise security effectiveness by reducing the risk of a breach and minimizing overhead from incident investigation and response. 

    SparkCognition’s unique architecture operates as both an on-prem and SaaS solution and can even support air-gapped systems, providing ultimate flexibility for today’s evolving enterprises. Continually learning from your organization’s device activity patterns to reduce performance impact and false positives, our lightweight solution maximizes your endpoint security without the burden of expensive upgrades, constant updates, or user impacts.

    Protecting your operations in an evolving threat landscape: AI in cybersecurity resources

    How AI in cybersecurity works to lock down operational technology

    Learn how AI analyzes files as they change in real time inside your assets or network—a major advantage against zero-day attacks for which no current patch or fix exists at all. Read our solution sheet

    The SparkCognition advantage to help you thwart ransomware

    A ransomware crisis looms for businesses, government, and even individual consumers. Learn how AI in cybersecurity solutions leverage deep learning algorithms to block or mitigate a possible security breach. Read our solution sheet

    Locking down operational technology with SparkCognition EPP

    Learn how SparkCognition’s EPP product recognizes and addresses a multitude of attack vectors and malware—including the vast majority of zero-day attacks—and requires neither human oversight nor signature update files. Read our white paper

      AI in cybersecurity protects you against novel threats without known signatures

      Cyberattacks are becoming more brazen, complex, and frequent, requiring a new approach to protect IT and OT networks from zero-day attacks and ensure compliance across your enterprise infrastructure.

      Experts estimate that a new ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds.

      Get continuous protection for today’s evolving threat environment. SparkCognition’s next-generation endpoint protection deploys and scales easily with a lightweight footprint to predict and prevent cyberattacks—including zero-day malware and ransomware—with the industry’s most effective AI-powered cyber defense for your IT and OT environments. Without requiring constant and burdensome signature updates, SparkCognition’s award-winning machine learning models comprehensively defend your endpoints with low false positives.

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