SparkCognition’s technology has detected and blocked high-profile threats such as WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit.

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"With the emergence of connected devices, cyber security becomes extremely important and solutions that can analyze structured and unstructured security data is needed. The uniqueness of SparkCognition’s cognitive platform is clear. We look forward to working with this innovative group as their powerful technology propels IoT and cyber security forward."

The future of endpoint protection

Hackers are still finding ways to breach security measures. Endpoints remain the primary target—and there are now 50 billion connected devices in refineries, electric grids, aircraft, and even cars being hacked. Cybersecurity is designed to look for known threats, leaving endpoints vulnerable to masked or novel threats.
SparkCognition leverages proprietary algorithms to detect multiple attack vectors that adversaries use to breach corporate, government, and industrial networks. This unique approach detects zero-day and polymorphic malware like WannaCry and NotPetya.

Improve your Operations

Close the Protection Gap Left by Legacy Antivirus

Close the Protection Gap Left by Legacy Antivirus

Cognitive endpoint protection eliminates the gap between the discovery of a new threat and the signature of database updates. Our patented machine learning algorithms protect you from the 400M+ new malware variants discovered each year.

Detect Weaponized Document Attacks

Detect Weaponized Document Attacks

SparkCognition has created the only endpoint protection solution on the market to apply machine learning to the pre-execution detection of weaponized documents like PDFs and Microsoft Office documents without using signatures, heuristics, or rudimentary control features.

Save Time, Effort, and Money

Save Time, Effort, and Money

SparkCognition’s cloud-native, security as a service architecture reduces upfront deployment costs and overall TCO compared to on-premise solutions.

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