Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

Advancing data-driven market advantages with artificial intelligence (AI) in financial services

SparkCognition’s proven AI solutions in financial services enable you to improve analytical accuracy, minimize your risk, accelerate your reaction time to fluctuating market conditions, and sustain your competitive advantage.


Proven value

“SparkCognition has offered us insights into our data that have improved our ability to better service our client base. This product positions us to compete in an ever-evolving data-driven marketplace and ensures the capturing of efficiencies that allow our business to scale more rapidly.”

Olivier Dang
Global COO, Wholesale Digital Office Nomura

    How artificial intelligence in financial services provides better ways to find profits and balance risk

    Today’s investment world requires faster and more accurate analysis to overcome intense competition. Profit opportunities grow scarce amid rapidly-changing market conditions, tougher government regulations, and greater market complexity.

    Traversing an increasingly narrow middle ground between pursuing gains and safely covering your return on investment demands a new approach—going beyond statistics into a more adaptive, cognitive strategy.

    SparkCognition’s patented AI solutions in financial services apply industry-leading AI technology to make smarter and faster decisions and scale repeatable efficiency gains across asset management, banking, and market surveillance systems.

    Generating alpha with buy-side artificial intelligence in financial services solutions

    As the buy-side market grows increasingly efficient at detecting the slightest market opportunities, competition is fierce to react in time to extract profits. To generate alpha, buy-side traders need to predict new market opportunities so they can act faster and with confidence. 

    SparkCognition solutions move beyond past-action statistical analysis paradigms that can’t adapt and anticipate dynamically to guide forward-looking investment professionals. Our products incorporate true adaptive AI, based on reinforcement learning, that takes full advantage of dislocation detection and cluster detection patterns to keep your investment book continually optimized.

    Market-making solutions for sell-side trading leveraging AI in banking and finance

    For sell-side traders, dissecting the entirety of information involved in price-setting an asset at a profit is a complicated endeavor. Maintaining alignment with your firm’s risk management, commercial strategy, and other priorities compounds your challenge.

    SparkCognition’s market-making solutions for sell-side trading continually take into account your unique requirements and goals, helping you optimize your asset sales in accordance with your specific flow. With patented reinforcement learning and an adaptive framework that evaluates both rapidly fluctuating market conditions and your appetite for risk, SparkCognition’s end-to-end solutions cover profiling, market conditions, pricing, and relative hedging capabilities without altering your global book management.

    Leveraging predictive insights in the insurance industry with artificial intelligence in financial services

    The insurance industry is changing with the explosion of available data used for customer profiling, process optimization, and assessing market opportunities and impacts stemming from events, including the pandemic and severe weather incidents. The new flow of data also brings challenges for the insurance industry, like threats from cybercriminals targeting private information and the increased potential for fraud.

    SparkCognition helps insurance providers leverage their data with industry-leading, patented AI technologies to detect fraud, manage risk, predict customer churn, and optimize claims processes. Gain predictive insights from your customer data, connected devices, and more, while our natural language processing solutions derive insights from unstructured data.

    Augmenting decision-making and breaking down data silos: AI in financial services resources

    Improving profitability and efficiency for a top-tier investment bank

    To optimize their trading desk performance, Nomura deployed SparkCognition Trading Suite on their European government bonds balance sheet. Learn how Trading Suite helped them cut time-to-response under 2ms with the ability to trade and hedge 100 RFQs simultaneously—doubling profitability and increasing their market share. Read our case study

    Optimizing energy trading with machine learning

    Discover how SparkCognition’s artificial intelligence in financial services solutions empower business and market analysts to quickly prototype use cases and develop, tune, and implement machine learning applications faster than traditional energy forecasting methods. Read our use case

    Extracting value from financial documents

    Learn how we helped non-technical business users configure a custom document hierarchy, ingest their documents, and extract their desired entities while masking personal identity information, creating a permanent system to efficiently triage incoming documents. Read our solution sheet

    Predicting financial marketing regimes with AI

    Current models for classifying financial market regimes for specific instruments struggle to capture different or multiple asset classes across a broad time window. Learn how we created an investment-grade regime model capable of predicting next-day market state across multiple assets, all in less than an hour of training. Read our case study

      The ultimate profit opportunity: Scaling AI in banking and finance

      To find alpha investments likely to outperform the market today, you need to move beyond traditional statistical-based paradigms that struggle in data-saturated, ultra-competitive financial environments.

      Move beyond traditional paradigms that can’t keep up with today’s data-saturated, ultra-competitive financial environments.

      SparkCognition’s proven artificial intelligence solutions in financial services support faster and smarter investment decision-making with dynamic trading models that adapt to market changes, don’t require previous data science experience, and deliver real-time predictive insights to automate the most time-consuming steps of the data science process without the risk of human error. Scale repeatable, standardized efficiency gains across buy-side trading, sell-side trading, the insurance sector, and other financial services with SparkCognition AI-powered technology.

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