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Creating new gains for financial institutions.

AI-based solutions for asset management, banking, and market making

Transform market making activities with augmented intelligence

Augment the existing trading ecosystem with AI-driven risk management, trading strategy optimization, and a customizable execution engine to unlock value and efficiencies at scale.

Faster, more holistic modeling

Support investment decisions with dynamic trading models that can ingest both unstructured and structured data and learn and adapt over time.

Classify and organize document archives

AI sorts through document archives efficiently and streams newly created documents in real time, automating the creation of clear, dynamic organizational systems.

Extract key entities and terms with natural language processing

Entity extraction allows institutions to gain insight into their contractual obligations and improve overall compliance and risk management by reducing reliance on error-prone manual oversight.

There are a number of areas where AI can offer significant benefits. Cybersecurity comes to mind, predictive analytics around maintaining resilient operations, improving the quality of our financial data. Ultimately, this affords us the opportunity to make our people smarter and to make our decisions faster.

Chris Corrado
Chief Technology Officer,
London Stock Exchange Group

Transform market making activities

Augment your existing trading ecosystem with SparkCognition’s end-to-end, intelligent market making trading platform, using AI-driven execution to unlock value and efficiencies for your clients and quantitative investors.

Rapidly scale AI

Increase your power to scale repeatable, standardized efficiency gains across asset management, banking, and market surveillance systems. Our machine learning solutions adapt dynamically whenever variables change, and don’t require previous data science experience.

Prevent zero-day cyber attacks

Preventing 99.9% of never-before-seen attacks, our highly trusted, highly awarded AI-built cybersecurity solution protects against zero-day ransomware, viruses, malware, and more.

Automate data cleansing

SparkCognition helps you uncover potential issues in your dataset: advising you on the best approaches to fix them. Intuitive training parameters take your models to the next level to achieve the accuracy you need.

Break down silos to extract new insights

Break data silos with intuitive data pipelines that feed new data into your deployed models and extract real-time predictions on incoming data. Track the health of deployed models based on confidence of predictions to inform model maintenance.

Reduce the risk of human errors

Our natural language processing algorithms help classify and sort through millions of archived documents to extract critical information without the risk of human errors, reducing operating expenses while providing visibility gains.

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