Chart the course for efficiency in maritime fleet management.

Scalable predictive analytics are revolutionizing how the maritime industry conducts business

Reduce critical machine failure

Our solution uses the power of AI and machine learning to model normal at-sea performance, detect deviations, and ultimately mitigate equipment failures—with enough lead time to plan timely and comprehensive fleet maintenance.

Strategically plan maintenance periods

In-voyage, in-port, and in-yard: provide support to seagoing and ashore personnel in assessing and planning the most efficient processes for repair and maintenance tasks.

Organize data more effectively

Ingest and analyze the terabytes of data being generated by shipboard sensors, aggregate data fleet-wide or from a class of vessels, and transmit to a central receiving point ashore.

“SparkCognition’s cognitive solutions and actionable insights into threat dynamics help companies act on warnings of impending failures, preventing unwarranted downtime. Bridging the gap between industry need and certified human capability, path-breaking cognitive analytics by SparkCognition is poised to become the industry standard.”

Mohena Srivastava
Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Reduce unexpected downtime

Get notice of pending fleet asset failures from weeks to months in advance. Our solution flags anomalies to help maritime operators pinpoint where, when, and how critical shipboard assets will need service.

Minimize operational costs

SparkCognition’s solutions predict and help mitigate costly out-of-service time, and support seagoing staff in assessing whether maintenance needs to be performed in-voyage, in a port turnaround, or over a longer period of time.

Optimize asset performance

Advanced behavior modeling helps you flag operational inefficiencies and underperformance within the terabytes of data being generated by shipboard sensors.

Streamline decision making

Automating the retrieval of relevant vessel-operating information from a variety of sources—including unstructured data—with advanced machine learning techniques allows fleet managers to focus more of their time on data-driven profit and safety decisions.

Prevent zero-day cyber attacks

Preventing 99.9% of never-before-seen attacks, our highly trusted, highly awarded AI-built cybersecurity solution protects against zero-day ransomware, viruses, malware, and more.

Rapidly scale AI

No prior data science experience required. Our solution empowers your shipping personnel to prototype fleet management use cases and highly accurate predictive machine learning models with speed, depth, and accuracy not available in traditional methods.

Find out how SparkCognition can protect, monitor, and optimize your operations.

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