AI for Retail

Improve customer experience and build business intelligence with visual AI retail solutions

Retailers can leverage their existing surveillance camera equipment in powerful new ways with SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor. Take advantage of visual AI for retail solutions that allow you to track footfall/traffic, queuing behavior, inventory management, product engagement, customer experience, and more—while enhancing safety and security inside and outside your store.


Proven Value

“AI has been instrumental at advancing the use of data within our organization and I am excited by the breadth of AI solutions to help us provide cutting edge solutions for improving customer convenience and service, predict future events, and optimize processes.”

Shri Ch. Srinivas, CGM
Digital Initiatives, HPCL

    Visual AI retail solutions to gain insights into your customers, employees, and operations

    Gas stations, convenience stores, and general merchandise stores have traditionally only been able to use closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras for review of security incidents after the fact. Advancements in computer vision technology now make it possible to rapidly scale the power of artificial intelligence in retail environments to increase revenue and profit margins by optimizing customer retention tactics and enabling operational efficiency. 

    Using your existing CCTV cameras, SparkCognition’s proven visual AI software solution unlocks real-time business intelligence and customer analytics that impact your bottom line. SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor enables you to track and improve customer experience, employee productivity, safety and compliance, inventory management, and more—all while leveling up your ability to proactively detect security issues like fraud and theft.

    Improving customer experience using visual AI for retail analytics

    Visual AI Advisor can analyze dozens of high-value use cases simultaneously, scaling to match your specific requirements and priority of concerns. 

    Customer experience data like wait times in the checkout line or at the fuel pump, turnaround time, interactions with your employees and facilities, and more can all be automatically tracked 24/7 and gathered into Visual AI Advisor’s intuitive dashboard—where overall satisfaction scores help you evaluate performance and measure factors that influence acquiring repeat customers.

    Enhancing safety with artificial intelligence in retail

    Inside or outside your facilities, wherever your cameras can see, Visual AI Advisor can autonomously detect and alert you to safety concerns and compliance issues in real time. It also aggregates trends and provides contextualized evidence of violations so they can be learned from and addressed with standard operating procedure modifications or employee training. 

    From proper cleaning processes to wearing PPE correctly to smoking near prohibited areas or even warning of slip and fall hazards, Visual AI Advisor carefully monitors your customers, employees, and facilities at all times.

    Increasing security with visual AI retail solutions

    Visual AI Advisor provides automated, proactive surveillance of your facilities from the forecourt to the checkout area, with a continuous-learning training module to reduce false positives/negatives. 

    When it detects an emerging security risk—like an unauthorized person in privileged areas, shoplifting, or even a person with a gun—it can automatically send role-based notifications to designated personnel in real time via web and mobile apps, email, text, or onsite alarm systems.  Visual AI Advisor protects your employees, customers, and business, alerting authorities when seconds count and strengthening security in your store every day.

    How AI retail solutions improve customer satisfaction and bottom line results

    Case Study: SparkCognition helped hundreds of gas stations become more profitable using visual AI for retail

    Visual AI Advisor offers more than 40 use cases for gas stations and convenience stores to improve operations and profitability. Learn how one of our customers realized significant boosts in customer satisfaction, faster average fueling times, and more daily fill-ups. Read our use case

    How Visual AI retail solutions build business intelligence for convenience store operators

    By gathering data on customer behavior and best-selling products or alerting staff to a safety incident or other possible issues, SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor turns existing cameras into analytical tools to automatically and objectively process what’s happening in every square foot of your store. Read our blog

    Amplify the value of your existing camera infrastructure with visual artificial intelligence in retail

    Visual AI for retail solutions help you gather more data faster and easier than ever, delivering valuable insights that enable operational efficiency and customer retention improvements. Learn how to scale visual AI technology use cases across your stores with Visual AI Advisor. Watch our video

      Visual AI for retail helps you keep your customers coming back for more

      Compared to ecommerce models, brick-and-mortar retailers face a much tougher challenge tracking the individual touchpoints between their customer and their business. Computer vision-enabled solutions leveraging existing CCTV cameras are changing that reality, providing an almost limitless capacity to harvest valuable information from video feeds inside and outside their stores. 

      SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor delivers a scalable solution to help retailers monitor critical use cases like inventory management, stock-outs, employee training alignment, customer queue experience, footfall and traffic heatmaps, turnaround time, checkout behavior, product placement testing, and much more. Beyond the business intelligence Visual AI Advisor generates, it also helps make stores safer and more secure, recognizing dangerous situations in real time so store personnel and authorities can respond immediately and appropriately when time is of the essence. 

      Deploying in days and scalable for franchises or targeted implementations—with security, privacy, and versatility built-in—Visual AI Advisor breaks through the data acquisition bottleneck, allowing you to learn more from your customers and employees than ever before.


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