Artificial Intelligence in Transportation and Logistics

Optimize your fleet and reduce downtime with our proven artificial intelligence (AI) in transportation and logistics solutions.

SparkCognition’s solutions improve your ability to use data at scale. Reduce unplanned downtime, increase operational efficiency, optimize your fleet, and minimize shipping costs with AI-powered planning, scheduling, and maintenance.

Proven Value

“SparkCognition enables us to optimize all local decisions across our maritime shipping and logistics workflows.”

Ibrahim Q. Al Buainain
President and CEO of Aramco Trading Company

    Solving critical aviation and maritime challenges with artificial intelligence

    Moving people and cargo requires and generates enormous amounts of data. However, many companies today suffer from inflexible fleet management systems and maintenance models that limit their ability to fully capitalize on the data they collect.

    SparkCognition’s patented artificial intelligence in transportation and logistics solutions help aviation and maritime shipping companies unlock actionable insights from their data at scale to optimize how people, cargo, and data move around the world and through their business.

    From providing predictive maintenance benefits that keep aircraft ready for takeoff to empowering maritime shipping planners the ability to reschedule their fleet-wide plan continuously, SparkCognition’s proven AI/ML, natural language processing, and knowledge representation technologies accelerate your digital transformation while enabling safer and more profitable daily operations.

    Reduce maritime shipping costs with the power of artificial intelligence in logistics

    Traditional fleet optimization methods are a poor match for the complex and dynamic nature of impacting parameters such as port and channel congestion, weather factors and demand fluctuations.

    Our AI in logistics and supply chain solutions adapt to real-time schedules and simulate “what-if” scenarios with continuous fleet optimization at the click of a button. Based on any given set of cargoes and fleet of vessels, SparkCognition

    Maritime Shipping AdvisorTM determines how to best optimize your fleet in a way that increases fleet utilization, reduces shipping costs, and maximizes business value.

    Transform maritime shipping data into actionable insights using artificial intelligence in logistics

    Ship operators and technical managers already collect terabytes of data from their fleet, but without a comprehensive cognitive analytics platform in place to effectively valorize their data, they waste a golden opportunity to extract actionable insights from their data that increase profit and operational efficiency.

    SparkCognition’s artificial intelligence in logistics solutions turns maritime shipping data into time and money-saving insight, like alerting operators to suboptimal operating conditions before damage occurs on equipment, leading to costly repairs and downtime. Our industry-leading products scale quickly to make maintenance and scheduling functions easier, faster, and more accurate across your fleet.

    Minimize unplanned maintenance events with AI in aviation predictive maintenance

    Unplanned maintenance, exacerbated by a lack of deep ground crew experience to fix unexpected issues, doesn’t just cause flight delays—a single grounded aircraft can cost more than $4M per day. To avoid this situation, the aviation industry has commonly relied on costly scheduled maintenance, whether or not it’s actually needed. 

    Stop the costly preventative maintenance loop with early warning of anomalies that indicate impending subcomponent failures. SparkCognition’s artificial intelligence in aircraft maintenance solution monitors normal conditions to reduce unplanned maintenance while helping your maintainers identify the optimal corrective actions through AI-driven analysis of historical maintenance logs.

    Accelerating aviation and maritime digital transformation: AI in transportation and logistics resources

    Reducing shipping costs by $2M every two to three weeks using artificial intelligence in logistics

    Learn how we enabled the trading and shipping arm of one of the world’s largest O&G majors to simulate and optimize continuous scheduling with a few clicks across its fleet—resulting in 4% to 13% operational cost reductions month after month. Read our case study

    Realizing the value of data with AI in supply chain and logistics

    Find out how knowledge representation, machine learning, and natural language processing technology helps maritime shipping organizations assess real-time conditions and use actionable guidance to unlock efficiency gains across their fleet. Read our white paper

    How artificial intelligence in transportation is reimagining aviation maintenance

    Discover how artificial intelligence in transportation improves predictability in your aviation operations and automates maintenance workflows by quickly retrieving optimal repair knowledge from asset maintenance logs and user manuals. Read our industry sheet

      Optimizing maintenance and scheduling with AI in transportation and logistics

      In the transportation and logistics industry, continuous observation of all domains and parameters and accurate modeling of complex interdependent relationships is critical. Use the power of AI to operationalize the data you already have so you can make timely adjustments within highly dynamic environments.

      Operationalize your existing data with the power of AI to lock in transportation and logistics efficiency gains.

      SparkCognition’s proven AI in aviation industry solutions identify components trending toward failure with enough lead time to schedule repairs. Our AI in supply chain and logistics solution for maritime shipping empowers you to automatically optimize schedules across your fleet with a single click and rapidly process “what if” scenarios.

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