SparkCognition works across the defense and national security space in the U.S. Government and the global industrial defense base.

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SparkCognition has applied ai solutions for defense to decision support analysis for the planning, programming, budgeting, and execution process of key government entities, allowing them to make highly informed, bias-free decisions. How can we serve you?

“Today, our country faces a great many challenges, but perhaps none as significant as the rapidly evolving cyber threats that compromise our nation’s critical infrastructure. SparkCognition is deploying next generation cognitive technology that is necessary to address these realities, and I consider their work a national asset.”

General John Allen, USMC (ret.)

Evolve Your Operations with Cognitive Analytics

Defense is increasingly in need of artificial intelligence from providers who understand its unique problems and concerns. We pride ourselves on our insight into military and defense sector needs. 

Our team includes a number of former military leaders from the U.S. DoD, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Army. Leveraging this expertise, we work across the national security space—including defense, homeland security, intelligence, and energy—to streamline every step of their operations.


Make Operational Decisions with More Confidence

Deep learning algorithms analyze data to provide critical aid in planning, budgeting, and strategy execution.

Reduce the Burden of Time-Intensive Manual Tasks

Automate data synthesis and report generation, freeing up human resources for higher-level analysis while preserving confidentiality of data.

Better Anticipate Asset Failures and Optimize Responses

Sensor data is analyzed to flag sub-optimal operations and identify impending failures long before they occur for ships, aircraft, and more.

Drive Efficiency in Industrial Activities

AI models analyze sensor data to generate actionable insights on industrial operations and how they can be improved.

Improve Protection Against Cybersecurity Threats

Detect and block threats from multiple attack vectors, including zero-day and polymorphic threats, using cybersecurity built entirely from AI.

“Exploiting AI and autonomy should help the Joint Force to outperform an enemy because the enemy will always be behind. It will be responding to decisions that you’ve already discarded. AI and autonomy are thus essential to our maintaining a comfortable overmatch against potential great power adversaries. Companies like SparkCognition are at the forefront of this.”

Robert O. Work


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