Financial Services

SparkCognition’s AI solutions keep you competitive in a changing industry, arming asset managers and financial institutions with the information and capabilities they need for efficient operations.

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SparkCognition is deployed with the world’s largest and most demanding clients to automate workflows and predict market movements. How can we help you realize more gains?

“There are a number of areas where AI can offer significant benefits. Cybersecurity comes to mind, predictive analytics around maintaining resilient operations, improving the quality of our financial data. Ultimately, this affords us the opportunity to make our people smarter and to make our decisions faster.”

Chris Corrado
Chief Technology Officer, London Stock Exchange Group

Creating new gains for financial institutions

Financial services firms require a unique set of forecasting models and tools in order to remain competitive in an increasingly automated marketplace. SparkCognition works closely with financial institutions, providing solutions for asset management, banking, and market surveillance. Our AI modeling techniques have created trading models for some of the largest asset managers in the world. Our natural language processing algorithms help classify and sort through millions of archived documents to extract critical information.


Support Investment Decisions with Dynamic Trading Models

Intelligent trading models ingest both unstructured and structured data, and learn and adapt over time.

Classify and Organize Document Archives

AI sorts through document archives and streams newly created documents in real time, automating the creation of clear, dynamic organizational systems.

Extract Key Entities and Terms with Natural Language Processing

Entity extraction allows institutions to gain insight into their contractual obligations and improve overall compliance and risk management.


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