SparkCognition adds certainty and reduces variability for manufacturing operations, allowing them to remain competitive in the global manufacturing environment.

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SparkCognition is applying its AI technologies to identify process drift before the generation of non-conforming materials for a leading manufacturer. Learn how we can help optimize your operations

According to Allied Market Research, the global market for artificial intelligence in manufacturing is projected to reach $15,273.7 million in 2025.

Enable Smarter Factories with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Manufacturing requires utmost precision to maintain process control and remain competitive in a global market. Companies can survive only by optimizing their processes.

AI-powered maintenance solutions improve quality and increase output with reduced costs. Natural language processing (NLP) reduces machine troubleshooting time by automatically classifying fault codes and recommending the best corrective actions. Together, these technologies can increase both total yield and operational efficiency to ensure manufacturing facilities remain competitive in the global market.


Avert Critical Machine Failures

Prevent catastrophic machine failures that lead to scrapped production hardware and unscheduled machine downtime.

Increase Process Yield

Determine process drift prior to generation of non-conformances, reduce cost of poor quality, and preserve capacity.

Reduce Machine Maintenance Cost

Enable planned maintenance windows with lower inventory levels of machine spare parts.


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