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Unexpected downtime is catastrophic for oil and gas operations. SparkCognition’s AI solutions keep your assets up, running, and most importantly, producing.

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SparkCognition's AI in oil and gas solutions help save over $6M every time there's an unexpected production failure. Read Our Case Study

“Conservative estimates supported by analysis of real-life cases suggest that digital optimization can boost profitability by 20 to 30 percent”


McKinsey & Company

What if you could predict events like equipment failures, kicks, or stuck pipes long before they occur?

In a field that can be unpredictable, one key to thriving is to adopt innovative technologies that promote growth. SparkCognition leverages cutting-edge machine learning techniques to provide predictive maintenance capabilities. SparkCognition’s AI platform learns from data to understand operational states and failure modes of assets, and uses this intelligence to warn of impending asset failures. This allows operators to plan corrective actions and optimize budgets. Additionally, anomaly detection and cognitive endpoint protection keep critical assets safe from sabotage or cyber attack.


Accurately Predict Failures in Advance

Costly asset failures are caught before they occur, reducing unscheduled downtime.

Generate Actionable Insights

The algorithm’s innate understanding of contributing factors to the likelihood of each event provides analysts with the information they need to make the best decisions.

Protect Assets Against Cyber Attacks

Traditionally isolated systems are increasingly exposed to larger networks due to the proliferation of endpoints. Machine learning guards endpoints and detects unusual behavior to protect assets.


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