Unexpected downtime is catastrophic for utilities. SparkCognition’s AI solutions in energy and utilities keep your operations up and running smoothly.

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SparkCognition was able to discover a never-before-seen manufacturing defect on a new combustion turbine for a major utility. This defect would have caused catastrophic failure on the turbine if it had not been caught. Don’t let asset failures catch you off guard

According to research from McKinsey, the use of AI and smart sensors to optimize asset yield will increase energy production by 20%.

Operate confidently with advanced machine diagnostics

Many utilities today are facing challenges in increasing reliability and uptime metrics. For maintenance managers looking to get maintenance and operation costs under control, there are new technologies that can help: intelligent edge devices to acquire asset sensory data, and machine learning and AI algorithms to predict when an asset will fail. SparkCognition’s artificial intelligence solutions in energy and utilities provide these capabilities, supplementing human subject matter experts while providing significant advance notice of asset health issues.


Accurately Predict Failures in Advance

Costly failures in assets such as generators, turbines, and gearboxes are caught weeks or months in advance.

Generate Actionable Insights

SparkCognition provides analysts with what they need to make the best decisions, thanks to the algorithm’s innate understanding of contributing factors to the likelihood of each event.

Augment Personnel with In-Context Advisory and Classification

AI and natural language processing predict outages and losses. SparkCognition augments engineers and service teams with enhanced, real-time field safety and maintenance advisory.


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