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Machine Learning Picks Your Players:
Winning Fantasy Football in 2019 with Darwin™ Automated Model Building Software

At SparkCognition, we focus on building data science and machine learning solutions. As it just so happens, some of us are also avid sports fans looking for a leg up this year in our office fantasy football league.
This season, we’ve decided to marry our work to our passion, and have used Darwin, our machine learning automated model building tool, to predict what is going to happen during the 2019 football season.
Darwin leverages a neuroevolutionary process to find the ideal model for a data set, to predict how many expected points (standard, non-PPR) every player is going to score this upcoming NFL season.

Read the full report to see who Darwin predicts will score the highest, how the models were built to make these predictions, and then start drafting! We’re rooting for you.

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