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Building your gateway to success with world-class
AI services and support

The SparkCognition Services team stands ready to deliver

  • Successful deployment and roll-out
  • Executive sponsorship
  • Best practice and success criteria guidance
  • Issue and risk management
  • Data integration and modeling services
  • On-premise managed services available
  • Reduced time to ROI
  • Enduring program value
  • Training and enablement of your team

The key to a successful implementation of your AI solution is to ensure continuous world-class support


The SparkCognition Success and Support team provides

Our skilled Customer Success and Support team members provide 24/7 multi-channel support for you, regardless of where you are in your digital transformation journey. We will be by your side from inception, through roll-out, and beyond, ensuring that you realize significant operational and strategic value throughout your experience.
  • Ongoing solution support throughout your subscription
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Support/technical services
  • Issue resolution and escalation status visibility
  • Knowledge community access
  • Overall program quality assurance

How we implement and deploy AI solutions

Our approach to deployment and implementation is built around the challenges of your business, your performance data availability, and the selection of target processes best positioned. That’s how we make an enduring difference in the effectiveness and profitability of your operations.

Implementation Methodology

SparkCognition employs a process that focuses on understanding your business, getting to value quickly with high quality, and ensuring adoption throughout deployment.

Configure and test

Validate project objectives and data availability

Prioritize configuration requirements

Prepare project plan

Determine success criteria

Discover and plan

Configure historical prototype application with initial data science models (if needed)

Integrate with live data systems

Configure Q&A live pilot application for selected scope

Validate business case and success criteria

Refine as needed

Deploy and rollout

Deploy pilot solution with live insights for select scope

Identify and assess site/asset readiness for full scale rollout 

Prioritize and plan

Execute production rollout

Train user

Maintain and support

Provide maintenance and support for deployed solution

Implement enhancements to software and/or models for continuous improvements

Institute/relationships management to ensure ongoing value for solution

Enable your team with tailor-made training

A critical component of the success of your SparkCognition experience is the training and enablement of your staff in AI/ML technologies and techniques. SparkCognition offers:

Knowledgeable instructors:

  • Experts in AI-based solutions who develop the curricula and coordinate with your project team
  • Classes customized to address topics such as anomaly detection or alert labeling

A customized training environment:

  • A safe environment that doesn’t interrupt ongoing operations/production
  • Mimics a live operating environment to give users practical experience in applying AI to their workflows
  • Demonstrations of all software features so staff are thoroughly trained on system capabilities

Onsite private training:

  • For small or large groups of students
  • Virtual or in-person
  • Discussions tailored to your implementation

It’s all about the experience

We’re here to ensure your success with:

  • Piloting/stand-up
  • Implementation
  • Training/enablement
  • Ongoing support
  • Strategizing additional use cases for expanded impact

According to Gartner, 85% of AI/ML projects fail to deliver on their stated objectives. There are plenty of reasons for this, but a big one is the failure of the provider to engage effectively with the client’s team. At SparkCognition, we’ve built our success and reputation on a commitment to work with you from project start-up through full-scale roll-out and operationalization. Working together, we will change your business for the better.

Use the links below to access our customer support portal and our knowledge base.

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