Our Manifesto: Building a Better, More Equal, and Abundant Future for all


In 1968, Robert F. Kennedy delivered a speech at the University of Kansas that continues to inspire us today. Only months before his tragic assassination on the presidential campaign trail, Kennedy stood that day in front of a packed Phog Allen Fieldhouse to communicate a heartfelt but sharply-worded assesment of the ongoing Vietnam War, poverty, race relations, political entrenchment, and other issues of the moment. But more than a critique, it was a call to action—to recognize that change was possible and that we could make a better world in our time if we worked together with purpose, rigor, and full appreciation of the means at our disposal. 

Speaking for almost 45 minutes, with 38 interruptions for applause from the 20,000 attendees, the climax of Kennedy’s speech turned on a quote from the Irish playwright and activist George Bernard Shaw: “Some men see things as they are, and say why. I dream things that never were, and say why not.”

The next 50 years: What will our legacy be?

50 years later, the world remains awash in challenges, searching for answers. Climate change, world security threats, opportunity disparities, ideological divides, workforce shortages and skill gaps, disease, cybercrime, and so on—we have a lengthy and formidable list to contend with.

And the question forms: what will the next 50 years look like? How will we make a better world in our time, for ourselves and our children?

Is technology the answer? Not on its own—it depends on how we use it. Technology itself is neither good nor bad; it’s only a tool we can use. We must always use it wisely. And when the world cries out for help that technology can avail, we must act. 

We have exponentially better technology and more data to power it than ever before. Our ability to direct this technology boldly and responsibly will be our generation’s legacy. 

In SparkCognition’s view, there is no more important question right now than this: How will we apply artificial intelligence in the real world to make a positive difference in people’s lives? 

We commit ourselves each day to answering that question alongside our partners and customers. Looking 50 years into the future to dream the world we know is possible—if we choose to make it—we believe AI can achieve life-changing outcomes, like preventing offshore oil catastrophes, stopping active shooter incidents at schools, putting more solar and wind power on the grid to achieve net zero, and thousands more scenarios that seem so daunting now, but one day, will not be. We can accomplish “things that never were” with the AI-powered solutions we are deploying today and those we will build tomorrow. We will manifest the change we want to see with AI’s extraordinary ability to augment human intelligence. 

We say: Why not?

We ask you to join us.

This is our manifesto

Artificial intelligence has the power to create a bright future for all mankind. SparkCognition is applying AI to enable and enhance the world’s infrastructure, from clean energy and carbon capture to autonomous machines and hypersonic travel. 

Over the next 50 years, our expertise in AI and data science will address the world’s most critical business challenges. This goal will not come easy, and some might deem them improbable or impossible.

We believe the cornerstone of success is rooted in the perseverance, passion, and innovation of our people. It is through their commitment that our AI products will:

  • Be instrumental in the production of cheap, clean energy and the delivery of NetZero by 2050
  • Make our cities smart and more responsive to the needs of its citizens, helping reduce costs, crime, and congestion
  • Enable autonomous operations of machines of all forms from factory floors and solar farms to highways and skyways
  • Predict future outcomes, minimizing disruption and prevent catastrophic loss
  • Augment human abilities, enhancing the individual experience and eliminating workplace accidents by 99% by 2040
  • Enable real-time delivery of supplies, medications, and critical payloads to urban, suburban, and cities in 1/10th the time
  • Ensure defense intelligence and warfighter readiness as a deterrent to conflict and betterment of social well being
  • Power an industrial metaverse, where man and machine co-exist, extending human possibilities and intelligence


We will build solutions responsibly and work with partners across technologies, industries, and civilizations to improve the quality of life. These goals are not simply aspirational but achievable realities with our current technologies, know-how, and experiences. We encourage governments, leaders, organizations, and individuals everywhere to join us in the pursuit of these goals so we can build a better, more equal, and abundant future for all.


SparkCognition Manifesto

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