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SparkPredict® DeepNLP Darwin DeepArmor®

Darwin created models that predicted the need for asset maintenance for a major oil and gas operator months in advance. Find out how we can help you be more productive

Accelerate Data Science. Solve Problems at Scale.

Traditional machine learning done manually by data scientists takes time to implement, and struggles to scale across large operations. Darwin is a machine learning product that accelerates data science at scale by automating the building and deployment of models.

Darwin provides a productive environment that empowers data scientists to quickly prototype use cases, allowing them to develop, tune, and implement machine learning applications in less time. By leveraging the best of genetic algorithms and deep learning, Darwin provides the next step into the future of artificial intelligence.


Activate the Value of Your Data

Drive high-value business decisions.

Quickly Adapt to Changes in Your Business

Eliminate manual upkeep with dynamic models.

Minimize Overhead and Cost of Solutions

Access data science expertise that directly improves your bottom line.

Create and Manage Thousands of Models

Build, deploy, and maintain models from a single configuration-based environment.

Scale Models Across

Streamline model retuning and retraining tasks.

Control the Model Building Process

Gain full visibility on how models are generated.


Google Cloud Platform and Darwin working together for your success. Read more

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