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SparkPredict® DeepNLP Darwin DeepArmor®

Darwin created models that predicted the need for asset maintenance for a major oil and gas operator months in advance. Find out how we can help you be more productive

Automate Model Building. Access Insights Faster.

Traditional machine learning, done manually by data scientists, takes time to design and implement and struggles to scale across large operations. Darwin automates the complete data science process to empower your existing talent and activate the value of your data. It rapidly generates optimized, highly accurate models that provide business insights, and adapt as your organization changes and scales.

Darwin maximizes the value of data in an enterprise by addressing the biggest data science challenges: the hiring and training of personnel, the scalability of data science, and the need to minimize operational costs. By leveraging the best of genetic algorithms and deep learning, Darwin provides the next step into the future of artificial intelligence.


Activate the Value of Your Data

Drive high-value business decisions.

Quickly Adapt to Changes in Your Business

Scale solutions across large operations.

Minimize Overhead and Cost of Solutions

Bring data science expertise to your organization.

Data Cleansing

Quickly standardize and prepare your data.

Feature Extraction

Automatically generate and select features.

Model Optimization

Rapidly iterate through multiple generations of models.


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