Endpoint Protection, Built from AI

SparkPredict® DeepArmor® DeepNLP® Darwin

DeepArmor has detected and blocked high-profile threats such as WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit. See how DeepArmor will keep your organization more secure

The Future of Endpoint Protection, Built from AI.

The DeepArmor endpoint protection platform uses the power of big data and our patented machine learning algorithms to prevent the most advanced, modern-day attacks. No other endpoint protection solution provides DeepArmor’s combination of pre-execution attack prevention, performance, and simplicity.


Close the Protection Gap Left by Algorithms

DeepArmor eliminates the protection gap and management overhead left by legacy antivirus.

Block Weaponized Documents, Scripts and Macros

DeepArmor uses the power of AI to detect both known and unknown weaponized documents, scripts and macros. No outdated signatures, rudimentary control features or post-infection behavioral analysis.

Full Protection, Online and Off

DeepArmor’s AI detection engine is hosted on each device, ensuring full protection when disconnected from the network.

Reduce Complexity, Save Money

DeepArmor’s cloud-native, security as a service architecture reduces upfront deployment costs and overall TCO compared to on-premise solutions.


Find out how DeepArmor can add a cognitive layer to your security. Discover