Endpoint Protection, Built from AI

SparkPredict® DeepNLP® DeepArmor® Darwin

DeepArmor has detected and blocked high-profile threats such as WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit. See how DeepArmor will keep your organization more secure

The Future of Endpoint Protection, Built from AI.

The DeepArmor endpoint protection platform uses the power of big data and our patented machine learning algorithms to prevent the most advanced, modern-day attacks. No other endpoint protection solution provides DeepArmor’s combination of pre-execution attack prevention, performance, and simplicity.


Multi-Vector Protection, Built Only from AI

DeepArmor leverages patented algorithms and model building tools to predict and prevent across every attack vector including file-based, file-less, and in-memory attacks.

Pre-Execution Prevention

DeepArmor intercepts and prevents attacks before they can execute, eliminating the need for post-infection behavioral analysis, ineffective system rollbacks and time-intensive reimaging.

No Heuristics, No Signatures, No Control Features

DeepArmor leverages the power of AI to prevent unknown zero-day attacks with no need for rigid heuristics, out of date signatures or rudimentary “on/off” control features.

Full Protection, Online and Off

DeepArmor’s AI detection engine is hosted on each device, ensuring full protection when disconnected from the network

Reduce Complexity, Save Money

DeepArmor’s cloud-native, security as a service architecture deploys in minutes and delivers a simple management experience from any device

Lightweight, Cognitive Agent

DeepArmor’s cognitive agent learns from device activity patterns to minimize performance impact and false positives


Find out how DeepArmor can add a cognitive layer to your security. Discover