Unlock Unstructured Data. Streamline Business Decisions.


DeepNLP lowered the cost of maintenance and improved asset availability for a major aviation operator by 35%. Learn how we can help optimize your operations

Unlock Unstructured Data. Streamline Business Decisions.

Unstructured data has remained an unexploited resource because it is too expensive and difficult to access and analyze. This results in missed opportunities to reduce operating expenses and the risk of human errors while gaining visibility into processes.

SparkCognition has developed a solution that automates workflows of unstructured data within organizations so humans can focus on high value business decisions. DeepNLP uses advanced machine learning techniques to automate the retrieval of information, classification of documents, and content analytics.

DeepNLP integrates into existing workflows to enable organizations to better respond to changes in their business and quickly get answers to specific queries or analytics that support decision making.


Minimize Operational Costs

Better adapt to changes in process or scale.

Reduce Risk of Human Errors

Drive higher quality process outcomes.

Gain Visibility into Processes

Discover insights faster to drive better business decisions.

Information Retrieval

Extract richly formatted information from documents.

Document Classification

Classify documents and automate decisions based on content.

Content Analytics

Identify patterns and relationships to uncover valuable insights.


Find out how DeepNLP can extract value from your documentation. Discover