Future-Proof Your Business
With AI Protection

Future-Proof Your Business
With AI Protection
Minimize your risk and stay focused on driving your business forward with the first AI protection built specifically for small business.
  • Comprehensive Windows OS protection against sophisticated hacks and exploits
  • Stay protected wherever you work with security that works both online and off
  • Install and activate in less than 5 minutes without needing any IT skills
  • Minimize performance impact to your team with lightweight footprint and updates
  • Scale as your business grows with simple cloud-based user and license management
  • Monthly
  • 1 Year
  • 2 Year
  • 3 Year

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It’s simple. With more attacks than ever now targeting small businesses, we must use AI to fight AI-based threats. With security done well, small businesses grow and thrive with less risk and less disruption. Done insufficiently, and small businesses become a statistic:
According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of small and mid-sized businesses that are hacked go out of business within six months.
The good news? It doesn’t need to be complicated. DeepArmor Small Business is the industry’s first product designed specifically for small businesses and built with leading AI from the ground up. We don’t attach AI to legacy techniques and we don’t repurpose complicated enterprise security software. Our goal is to enable small businesses to do big business by providing industry-leading protection.

The proof is in the models. In both independent 3rd party and internal testing, DeepArmor detection models outperform all other legacy and next-generation vendors with 99.9% detection and no false positives. Don’t sacrifice performance when the stakes are this high.

In internal testing, DeepArmor detects 99.7% of never-before-seen threats, far outpacing other competitors in this space.

Zero-Day Malware Prevention Testing


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Technical Features for Windows


Next Generation Antivirus

Prevents zero-day malware attacks like ransomware, trojans and viruses from infecting your system using SparkCognition's advanced AI-based detection engine


Personal Firewall

Prevents hackers and malware from attacking your computer by keeping track of connections performed by your applications and provides advanced control of network activity


User Access Control

Protects your device by running applications in a non-privileged account unless you specifically authorize admin-level access to the system


Exploit Protection

Protects your device from exploitation using a collection of host intrusion protection features


Trusted Software Validation

Protects your device from malicious websites and downloaded malware from those sites by validating the authenticity of new applications and notifying the user when an application cannot be verified


Credential Guard

Protects your credentials from theft in a virtualized container that only privileged system software can access

Technical requirements


Processor: 1GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x86)
RAM: 2GB Minimum 32-bit or 64-bit
Hard Drive Space: 300MB

Operating System

Windows 7 (SP1)
Windows 8.1
Windows 10 (v. 1607 or higher)

Additional Software Requirements

.Net Framework 4.8 or higher (bundled with the DeepArmor installation package)


English and Spanish

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