The Future of Cyber Defense, Built from AI.

DeepArmor® is an AI-built cybersecurity solution that improves your security posture with industry-leading zero-day protection against today’s most advanced ransomware, viruses, malware, and more.

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DeepArmor uses AI to detect and prevent 99.9% of never-before-seen attacks.
DeepArmor detected and blocked threats such as WannaCry, NotPetya, and Bad Rabbit.
DeepArmor intercepts and prevents attacks even when disconnected from the network.

Small Businesses

1-100 Employees

  • Designed for non-technical user or owner
  • Provides next-gen AI protection against advanced executable-based attacks with simple deployment and management

Midsize Businesses

100-1000+ Employees

  • Designed for security operations teams
  • Provides next-gen AI protection against extensive attack vectors with enterprise-grade threat visibility and management

Security Providers


  • Designed for high-volume file analysis
  • Makes next-gen AI threat detection models available for use in third-party software

Highly Trusted, Highly Awarded


We are pleased to see the AI detection engine in SparkCognition's DeepArmor® solution is so effective, with the product detecting 99.9% of threats in our malware protection test.

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