Next-Generation AI Threat Detection Software Development Kit

Transform your software offering by leveraging DeepArmor’s industry-leading AI threat detection models off-the-shelf for high-volume file analysis

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web gateway security

network protection

cloud access security broker

email protection

next generation firewall

endpoint detection & response

Why DeepArmor SDK?

It starts with a fundamentally different approach to building threat detection models. Instead of using human threat researchers (with bias) to guide the development of AI threat detection models, DeepArmor starts with data science by deriving model features from large samples of malware to deliver unbiased, higher­performing threat detection models than other vendors claiming AI. And because DeepArmor is developed by SparkCognition, an AI company (not a cybersecurity company), we integrate exclusive new research and techniques into the SDK models that other companies do not have the capabilities to develop or deploy.

What does this mean for you? It means that your customers will be more secure from the most advanced and best performing threat detection models on the market.

The proof is in the models. In both independent 3rd party and internal testing, DeepArmor detection models outperform all other legacy and next-generation vendors with 99.9% detection and no false positives. Don’t sacrifice performance when the stakes are this high.

Zero-Day Malware Protection Testing (Windows)

Zero-Day Malware Protection Testing (MacOS)

Zero-Day Malware Protection Testing (Office)

SDK Architecture

Technical Features

DeepArmor Server SDK

High-volume file analysis and classification deployed on premise

DeepArmor Cloud Service

High-volume file analysis and classification deployed as a cloud service

DeepArmor Endpoint SDK

Cross-platform security for physical and virtual endpoints