A comprehensive, AI-powered asset management platform for clean energy. 

“Renew Energy chose the Ensemble platform from SparkCognition to help us maximize the value of the O&M services we provide our wind energy customers. We have seen significant gains in operational efficiency with the Ensemble platform, and the team at SparkCognition works closely with our internal team to continuously increase the platform’s functionality.”

– Wade Weichman, Technical Director, RENEW Energy
The high cost of low visibility.

The cost of avoidable expenses and lost energy is estimated to be $32B annually by 2023. Renewable energy project operators face many challenges in managing and analyzing the flood of data available from their assets. They spend lots of time and resources sifting through the data and still miss opportunities to improve energy production and decrease costs.

The Ensemble platform leverages our deep renewable energy industry expertise, coded into our industry-leading AI software, to detect sub-optimal energy production and alert staff to remedy the situation before costs mount, resulting in increased ROI.

The Ensemble platform’s predictive recommendations help optimize logistics, improve planning, perform condition-based maintenance, prevent failures, quickly identify underperforming assets, and ensure corrective action implementation.

Ensemble capabilities
The Ensemble platform is a cloud-based SaaS solution for analytics and asset management.

Visualization & reporting

Predictive maintenance

Production forecasting

Energy optimization

Parts forecasting

Data aggregation

Ensemble benefits

Increased energy production, reduced maintenance costs, and maximizing operational efficiency.

Increase revenue

Increase clean energy production via automated detection of underperforming assets.

Improve planning

Gain visibility into future spare parts needs and plan crane callouts in advance to avoid unnecessary costs.

Improve efficiency

Manage assets and operations with ease with both broad visibility across assets and deep analytical insights.

Prevent downtime

Ensure timely maintenance action to reduce failure rates, costs, and downtime with advanced anomaly detection and predictive analytics.

Reduce costs

Early detection of sub-optimal conditions enables maintenance staff to better plan and prepare to proactively solve problems and avoid unexpected costs.

Optimize personnel

Improve operational outcomes by enabling analysts and technicians to spend less time processing and managing data and more time working on solutions.

Customers we serve

Independent power producers

Asset managers

Utilities (regulated and competitive)

Independent service providers

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