SparkCognition EPP

Prevent zero-day cyberattacks with AI-powered endpoint protection

SparkCognition EPP delivers the power of big data combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to predict and prevent cyberattacks, including zero-day malware and ransomware, with proven AI-powered endpoint protection.

Proven Value

    Protect endpoints and users with the power of AI and ML

    Cybercriminals launch thousands of new malware strains daily using polymorphic and fileless malware techniques that can easily evade signature-based detection. To defend your business from zero-day attacks, you need AI-powered, next-generation endpoint protection working for you: SparkCognition EPP. In independent third-party testing, SparkCognition EPP routinely outperforms traditional and next-gen endpoint protection providers. 

    Using big data analytics and machine learning, SparkCognition EPP’s lightweight, low-profile cognitive agent learns the common behavioral patterns of each endpoint within your organization and alerts your security team to emerging zero-day and ransomware attacks.

    Broad-spectrum AI-enabled endpoint protection against zero-day threats

    Using proprietary AI/ML technology, SparkCognition EPP successfully balances pre-execution attack prevention, performance, and simplicity—providing powerful next-generation endpoint protection for your business. SparkCognition EPP works 24/7 to protect your assets, minimize performance impact, and reduce false positives—minimizing workflow impact.
    • Protect your operation against all threat vectors including file-based, fileless, and in-memory attacks.
    • Stay covered even when disconnected from the network. AI detection hosted on each endpoint protects IT and OT assets and supports air-gapped systems in an OT environment.

    Versatile defense for legacy OS, converged IT/OT, and air-gapped OT assets

    SparkCognition EPP’s innovative architecture provides maximum flexibility to meet the rapidly changing requirements of your IT and OT environments. With no cloud gateway necessary and no need for constant updates, SparkCognition EPP provides full support for your air-gapped OT assets.
    • SparkCognition EPP supports on-prem and cloud-based implementations.
    • Enables converged IT/OT management.
    • Protects your critical assets on legacy OS and works with other next-generation endpoint protection products.

    AI-powered insights and visibility for all your IT and OT needs

    SparkCognition EPP’s cloud-based master console provides security teams with real-time insights about alert activity and key device metrics. Supporting complex multi-tenant infrastructures from one console, SparkCognition EPP equips you with end-to-end IT/OT visibility to identify and explore the latest incident trends.

    • View the most common attack vectors, pinpoint high-risk devices, and predict which users may be targeted for the next attack.
    • Learn from previously undetected threats in both active and dormant states across your enterprise.
    • Find and fix gaps in current endpoint security.

    AI-powered endpoint protection complements zero-trust architecture for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

    SparkCognition EPP integrates easily into your existing security architecture, providing seamless operation in the background for up to 100K+ managed endpoints running Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.  Our flexible architecture complements zero-trust environments by delivering trained threat models to your endpoints based on your policies for pre-defined endpoint behavior, protecting you from malicious software, including ransomware.
    • Assure OS native firewalls are in the desired state.
    • Prevent security gaps and risks from rogue applications and malicious scripts and files.
    • Ensure all critical files/folders are handled properly and IT standards are upheld.

    Endpoint protection resources for OEMs, MSSPs, enterprise, and SMB

    Thwarting ransomware: the AI-powered advantage for MSSPs

    A ransomware crisis looms for businesses, governments, and even individual consumers. Learn how SparkCognition EPP’s deep learning algorithms help MSSPs block or mitigate a possible security breach. Read our solution sheet

    How SparkCognition EPP protects IT/OT against zero-day malware and ransomware in real time

    Discover how SparkCognition EPP analyzes files in real-time inside your assets or network—a distinct advantage against zero-day attacks for which no current patch or fix exists. Read our solution sheet

    Locking down operational technology against novel threats without known signatures

    Discover how SparkCognition EPP recognizes and addresses a multitude of attack vectors and malware—including zero-day attacks—without the need for human oversight or signature file updates. Read our white paper

      Why SparkCognition EPP for next-generation endpoint protection?

      Stop zero-day malware in its tracks with next-generation endpoint protection that doesn’t require signature updates to detect new threats. SparkCognition EPP uses proprietary AI to prevent never-before-seen attacks from disrupting your business and detect phishing threats from office documents, weaponized PDFs, and direct­-to-memory PowerShell attacks. 

      Based on independent multi-year tests, SparkCognition Endpoint Protection delivers one of the highest recognition rates in the industry against zero-day attacks with low false positives.

      Stand up to novel threats with AI-powered threat detection models on all your IT/OT endpoints. SparkCognition EPP’s lightweight solution provides next-generation endpoint protection against advanced malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks.