Transform enterprise knowledge.
Make better decisions.

“Thanks to AIRKOG platform [developed with the Maana product] and the computational knowledge graph at its core, we reduced costs by 20% – 30% and lead-time for analysis by 30% – 75% on our digitalization platform.”

Marc Monties
WideBody digitalization plateau leader at Airbus.
Use the right knowledge to make better decisions.

The Maana product transforms a company’s tacit knowledge and subject matter expertise into a knowledge base asset that empowers decision makers, giving the right people the right insights at the right time. It enables the creation of a new class of knowledge-based AI and cognitive applications that improve critical business functions and operational decision making.

With its patented computational knowledge graph technology, the Maana product expedites encoding knowledge from diverse sources, while enhancing it with computational and AI techniques. Apps created with the Maana product become valuable digital assets that speed up and enhance decision making.

The Maana product helps Fortune 500 industrial companies turn human expertise and data into a decision intelligence capability that improves efficiency, profitability, and sustainability, giving its users a competitive advantage that grows over time. 

Create a comprehensive, structured knowledge asset to optimize operations.

Encoded knowledge

Dynamic computations

Knowledge-based AI

Continuous learning


Better and faster decision-making

Business value applications

Large industrial companies are using the Maana product to design line of business applications that increase operational efficiency and productivity.

Scale and extensibility

Easily extensible through incremental development and continued knowledge base expansion.

Time to value

Rapid development by subject-matter experts enabled by a low-code / no-code environment with multiple authoring experiences and templates.

Customer success stories


Fanar is an AI-driven maritime fleet scheduling optimization application that has reduced shipping costs by millions.
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Customer success stories


Shell partnered with SparkCognition to lead the energy industry in digital transformation.
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Customer success stories


AIRKOG is a new digital knowledge platform for agile innovation in the commercial aircraft industry.
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Ready-to-use applications

Oil well lifecycle planning

With WellLine, petro-technical experts can see all significant events during the life of a well in a timeline and make better and faster operational decisions that boost the bottom line throughout its life – from exploration to development, drilling, completion, and abandonment.

Shipping route optimization

The Fanar app is used by over 120 shipping logistics experts daily for shipment of an average 4 million barrels each day, resulting in monthly shipping cost reductions and increased profit.

Intelligent Operations and Maintenance

Created by Airbus and powered by SparkCognition, AIRKOG encodes the subject matter expertise of people, orchestrates a range of tools, and uses terabytes of data from multiple sources for the development and deployment of intelligent applications that reduce costly maintenance rework.

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