SparkCognition Oil and Gas Maintenance Advisor

Prevent unplanned downtime and improve efficiency with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered anomaly detection and predictive maintenance

SparkCognition Maintenance Advisor helps you identify impending failures in your critical assets and processes with enough lead time to schedule timely, optimized maintenance. Address suboptimal operations with actionable prescriptive insights to increase production throughput across your operations.

Proven value

“Cutting edge technologies, like AI-based predictive analytics, are key enablers to improving the efficiency of our operations and meeting our ambition to become a net-zero company by 2050 or sooner. Working collaboratively with SparkCognition, we have delivered this project in an agile way.”

Fereidoun Abbassian, VP of Transformation, Upstream Technology at bp

    Increase asset availability and achieve 10X ROI with SparkCognition Maintenance Advisor

    Traditional preventative maintenance programs are out of step with the industry evolution that is happening today. SparkCognition Maintenance Advisor is revolutionizing industrial maintenance, with AI-powered anomaly detection and predictive maintenance built to serve the world’s largest industrial customers. Maintenance Advisor’s best-in-class, patented modeling approach delivers fast, accurate predictions with low false positives to drive operational efficiencies and increase asset availability. 

    SparkCognition customers have realized 10x ROI using our product to improve efficiency across multibillion-dollar operations investments and avoid up to hundreds of thousands in potential downtime costs per predicted failure event.

    Detect anomalies to prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs

    SparkCognition Maintenance Advisor helps you predict critical failures with enough lead time to optimize your maintenance schedules and prevent downtime. Using SparkCognition’s industry-leading, patented AI technology, Maintenance Advisor can increase your ability to identify production-impacting events by more than 90%.

    • Equip your operations with predictive AI analytics that protect assets and keep them online.
    • Detect production-impacting issues with minimal false positives and nine days’ average lead time.
    • Increase safety by averting critical asset failures and optimizing your maintenance program.
    • Lower costs by eliminating unnecessary maintenance repairs and grouping work orders together.

    Explainable anomaly detection and predictive maintenance

    SparkCognition’s predictions and recommendations are displayed on intuitive dashboards.

    Our continual learning and adaptive algorithms capture your subject matter expert (SME) knowledge with proprietary natural language processing (NLP) technology that extracts insights from unstructured data, e.g., historical records and service manuals.

    • Monitor the performance and health of your assets and processes with interactive visualizations to identify normal vs. anomalous behavior.
    • Manage events, alerts, and notifications in one place, enabling remote collaboration across your team.
    • Contextualize historical data with maintenance notes and SME input to discover patterns, improve models, and reduce time to resolution with faster root-cause analysis.

    Scalable predictive modeling to suit your emerging requirements

    SparkCognition Maintenance Advisor uses advanced model building techniques to reduce AI predictive maintenance deployment times to just weeks or days.  With no limitations on its capacity to ingest and analyze new data, Maintenance Advisor scales to suit your growing workloads and changing business requirements—adapting to learn “new normal” parameters from SME feedback using patented machine learning algorithms to reduce false positives.
    • Utilize automated model building that can handle sparse, unlabeled, and dirty data.
    • ​​Easily integrate data from anywhere in your operation using pre-built connectors or API-supported custom connectors.
    • Avoid model drift with normal behavior modeling techniques to reduce false positives.

    AI predictive maintenance case studies

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      Why SparkCognition Maintenance Advisor?

      No matter what sector of the economy your business operates in, preventing failures and accidents that cause unplanned downtime and endanger the safety of your workers is an absolute must. SparkCognition Maintenance Advisor is our proven enterprise product that uses AI to increase asset availability through anomaly detection and predictive maintenance. SparkCognition enables customers using our best-in-class Maintenance Advisor product to realize up to 10x ROI and save millions in downtime expenses while improving worker safety and production continuity.

      Improve workflows, maximize production, and reduce costs by optimizing your maintenance schedules and performance tuning capacity. Now is the time to invest in AI predictive maintenance to unlock insights inside your data and address critical failures before it’s too late.


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