SparkCognition Maritime Shipping Advisor

Maritime fleet optimization improves fleet utilization and reduces shipping costs up to 13%

Continuously optimizing your fleet in response to dynamic events and ‘what-if’ scenarios, SparkCognition Maritime Shipping Advisor integrates all data sources, parameters, constraints, and business rules to determine the most economical way to increase fleet utilization, reduce shipping costs, and maximize business value.

Proven value

“SparkCognition enables us to optimize all local decisions across our maritime shipping and logistics workflows.”

Ibrahim Q. Al Buainain
President and CEO of Aramco Trading Company

    Optimize schedules across your fleet with a single click

    Scheduling a fleet to load and discharge oil products requires perfectly coordinating hundreds of complex, overlapping, and constantly shifting factors. But in today’s dynamic global maritime shipping environment, optimal schedules become brittle quickly, putting shipping costs of oil and gas trading at risk of spiraling upward.


    SparkCognition Maritime Shipping Advisor solves this problem by rapidly and reliably optimizing your fleet schedules with the click of a button—no matter what, when, or how often impacting changes occur. Our first-of-its-kind maritime fleet optimization product uses patented knowledge representation technology to simulate and optimize continuous real-time scheduling, allowing you to significantly increase fleet utilization of time charter vessels and save millions per month in operational costs.

    Optimize your maritime fleet planning, management, and shipment scheduling

    Maritime Shipping Advisor’s knowledge platform evaluates the costs of each feasible assignment and optimizes your fleet utilization subject to business constraints, transforming what was once a slow and error-prone manual process into an automated one that’s always ready to re-optimize, as needed.
    • Support your planning team in deciding time vs. spot chartering
    • Enable traders and cargo operations personnel to respond to changing scenarios rapidly.
    • Empower your chartering team with deeper insights for negotiation.
    • Provide management with a better view of KPIs.

    Integrate all data sources, constraints, and business rules impacting your fleet

    SparkCognition’s knowledge representation technology integrates data from customer sources and third-party portals (routes, trading, ports, vessel locators, etc.). Maritime Shipping Advisor efficiently computes more than 200 supported factors impacting your fleet utilization plan, including vessel/terminal/product compatibility, bunkering requirements, vessel details, cleaning requirements, possible vessel speeds, weather conditions, piracy risk, port and channel congestion, and more.
    • Monitor the performance and health of your assets and processes with interactive visualizations to interpret normal vs. anomalous behavior.
    • Manage events, alerts, and notifications in one place, enabling remote collaboration across your team.
    • Contextualize historical data with maintenance notes and SME input to discover patterns, improve models, and reduce time to resolution with faster root-cause analysis.

    Rapidly process ‘what if’ scenarios to avoid extra costs in maritime shipments

    Maritime Shipping Advisor lets you control the history, present state, and future simulations of your vessels and voyages through its comprehensive fleet dashboard, so you can optimize your fleet utilization plan even as variables and constraints evolve.
    • View and manage vessels, shipments, and schedules for voyages, pick-ups, drop-offs, and products shipped.
    • Zoom in to see ports, vessels, berths, etc., including the relationships between them.
    • Change the plan via drag and drop UI and immediately observe the feasibility and impact of the modification.

    Maritime fleet optimization resources

    Enabling increased utilization of time charter vessels and 4-13% operational cost reductions to save up $4M per month

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      Why SparkCognition Maritime Shipping Advisor for maritime fleet optimization?

      Waves of imbalance in ocean shipping networks, set off by demand fluctuations, port congestions, severe weather events, and abrupt canal closures create havoc for global shipping schedules, leading to economic consequences that are difficult to avoid using traditional methods for fleet optimization.

      By integrating all data sources, constraints, and business rules impacting your fleet, adapting to real-time schedules, and simulating ‘what-if’ scenarios, SparkCognition Maritime Shipping Advisor solves a fundamental maritime trading and shipping challenge.

      SparkCognition’s proprietary knowledge graph technology transforms what was once a highly manual, slow, and error-prone process into an automated one. Our first-of-its-kind solution enables you to increase utilization of your time charter vessels through continuous fleet optimization and has been proven to deliver 4%—13% lower operational costs each month.


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