Transform market making activity and investment processes with augmented intelligence.

“The SparkCognition Orca product has offered us insights into our data that have improved our ability to better service our client base. This product positions us to compete in an ever evolving data driven marketplace and ensures the capturing of efficiencies that allow our business to scale more rapidly.”

– Nomura Global Markets

Exponentially accelerate the speed, volume, and intelligence of your trading desk

In today’s financial world, margin compression is driving pressure on client-trading desks to do more with less. Leaders are experimenting with in-house AI tools, but these require significant resources (both in time and cost) to build, deploy, and maintain.

SparkCognition’s Orca product is an intelligent, end-to-end market making trading platform that augments the existing client trading ecosystem for broad asset classes such as fixed income, credit, equity, and FX. The Orca product’s customizable AI engine uses reinforcement learning to empower client trading desks to radically increase their capacity and ability to manage risk using real-time market information, client profiling, and cover prediction to unlock value and efficiencies at scale.

Client analysis tool UI screenshot

Orca's configurable modules

The AI Market Maker solution includes pricing, execution, optimized hedging, commercial strategy monitoring, risk management, and compliance support
The Risk & Compliance Manager manages risk tolerance and quickly anticipates and reacts to market disruptions via reinforcement learning
The QIS Alpha Strategies module processes high- and low-frequency market signals at faster speeds and streamlines repetitive actions
The Execution Manager is a multi-agent, self-adaptive AI that analyzes large volumes of data to help traders adjust strategies to market conditions
Transform market making with augmented intelligence

Optimize trading strategy

Optimize trading strategies with multiple constraints by bringing together market, client, and bank-specific data

Gain real-time visibility

Gain real-time visibility into AI-driven decisions, trades, and P&L by the client, giving enhanced control of client outcomes

Use reinforcement learning

Use reinforcement learning, parameterized by expert traders, to continually improve performance under evolving market conditions

Treat clients individually

Treat clients individually to make the right decisions based on relationships, past performance, and behavior

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