Total asset protection and optimization.

SparkPredict was able to discover a never-before-seen manufacturing defect on a combustion turbine for a major utility. This defect would have caused a catastrophic failure on the turbine if it had not been caught.

Reimagine industrial maintenance. Optimize asset operations.

The current maintenance paradigm is broken. Scheduled maintenance is costly and inefficient, but failures can be devastating to the bottom line. In large operations, these costs are no longer sustainable.

SparkPredict, SparkCognition’s analytics solution, is revolutionizing maintenance by minimizing downtime and delivering millions of dollars in operating cost savings. SparkPredict is a turnkey solution that analyzes sensor data and uses machine learning to return actionable insights, flagging suboptimal operations and identifying impending failures before they occur.

Improve your operations with total asset protection

Improve Asset Production

Equip your operations with predictive AI analytics that protect assets and keep them online.

Minimize Maintenance Costs

Drive labor efficiencies during downtime with insights that inform repairs.

Future-Proof Your Operations

Retain the knowledge of your workforce with machine learning that codifies human expertise.

Exceed Availability Targets

Predict more machine problems with less work and expand asset failure horizons.

Streamline Work Orders

Take quick, informed repair actions with explainable failure indicators.

Operate With Confidence

Maintain predictive accuracy with automatic model retraining that improves models over time.

See how SparkCognition can protect and optimize your infrastructure.