Quality Control for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Products that do not pass quality standards waste valuable resources, money, and operating time. But if they make it to distribution, they pose a material threat to the company’s reputation.

Consistency and quality drives the value of today’s leading consumer packaged goods companies.

SparkCognition’s scalable quality control AI solution assesses operational performance and proactively addresses inefficiencies in production processes.

Unlocking the full power of data, AI and machine learning helps leading CPG companies:

  • Assess operational performance
  • Address process inefficiencies
  • Improve reliability and safety
  • Reduce waste and operational costs
“Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.”

– Max McKeown, from his book Adaptability: The Art of Winning in an Age of Uncertainty

Gain better visibility into operations

SparkCognition’s quality control AI solution monitors snapshot metrics and asset health continuously, revealing areas of improvement across plants, product lines, runs, and timelines— with intelligent analysis.

Learn what normal, abnormal, and optimal behavior looks like

Machine learning algorithms ingest historical data from a facility’s operations and use that data to build a model that acts as a profile of what “normal” operations look like, from how much electricity is used to what air pressure levels should be.

Extract actionable insights from your data

Warning that a piece of equipment is at risk is fine. Indicating when and how an asset failure will take place? That’s substantially better. Detect operational inefficiencies with a machine learning backbone to take proactive actions that prevent production-impacting issues.

Intelligently manage the KPIs that ensure quality

With run-over-run comparisons, plant-over-plant comparisons, and continuous KPI insights on a very granular level, SparkCognition’s AI solutions have been used to reduce operating cost and improvement in efficiency by 2-5%.

SparkCognition solutions have been used to reduce operating cost and improvement in efficiency by 2-5%

In times of increased top- and bottom-line pressure, many operators will hesitate to invest in new technologies. But these are the kind of future-looking investments that leading CPG companies seek out to build sustainable quality within operations, keep facilities running at full capacity, and generate a competitive advantage during difficult times.

Imagine a certain production line is using an abnormal amount of water, or a specific asset is operating at a higher temperature than normal. SparkCognition’s SparkPredict® predictive analytics product will leverage normal behavior modeling and anomaly detection to alert subject matter experts to these anomalies. When they can quickly discover the root cause of issues in their plant, they can efficiently address them, before process drift occurs and nonconforming or low-quality goods are created.

Contact us to learn how we helped a Fortune 50 beverage producer discover flaws in their production process and gain insight into the health of their quality control systems.

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