Quick Wins for a Short Month

February is a month with limited time and a lot to accomplish to keep momentum going on goals of the new year. Here are three quick wins to develop your AI playbook and put together a digital strategy.

Attend a workshop or webinar

Get industry data points, use case ideas, and implementation tips from industry experts. Forrester and Gartner have informative webinars, and look for local or industry-specific meetups and conferences. (SparkCognition also has a repository of webinars in industries from energy to cybersecurity, and its implementation conference, Time Machine, is in November).

Questions to ask: What impact is AI having in my industry? In what applications is AI most mature?

Use your network

Get real-world perspective from friends and colleges who have implemented AI. Ask your network on LinkedIn, or get a reference from a potential AI vendor to gather lessons learned.

Questions to ask: What steps were key to successful implementation? What results have you seen, and when? What would you have done differently?

Get executive perspective

Arrange an informal meeting with your executives to gauge attitudes on digital strategy and explore potential use cases. Find out what procedures and roadblocks to be aware of during implementation.

Questions to ask: What is the process and timeline to implement this kind of change? What’s the most appropriate ROI? What does success look like?

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