Case Studies

Predictive maintenance for wind power producers

Wind power producers need to be able to monitor component reliability, identify and correct actionable sources of underperformance, and optimize maintenance scheduling. Moreso, they need to achieve this in a cost-effective and scalable manner in a highly demanding market.

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Image of an offshore platform

Predictive maintenance for offshore oil and gas platforms

Asset failures and accidents often cost millions of dollars due to lost production and repairs. Without sufficient lead time in identifying future asset failures, oil and gas operators can only react—and count their losses. SparkCognition’s predictive maintenance for offshore oil and gas platforms solution helps lessen the probability of a critical asset failure.

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Image of a CPG plant that would use predictive maintenance for consumer packaged goods plants

Predictive Maintenance for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

CPG plant operations and critical equipment tend to deteriorate over time. However, most of the industry still relies on preventive maintenance to avert critical failures. Preventive maintenance is an inherently wasteful approach that burns valuable production and personnel time checking on assets not necessarily in need of attention, while still failing to catch unexpected or unusual failures that cause expensive downtime.

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