Visual AI for School Safety

Improve school safety with visual AI technology to automatically detect active threats in real time

Active shooter incidents in schools are rising, but current approaches to school safety are largely reactive, incomplete, and inflexible. Although many schools today have closed circuit camera systems (CCTV), their utility leans toward post-incident investigation. SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor delivers a highly versatile, intelligent, always-on solution leveraging the power of computer vision and artificial intelligence to transform school safety from a reactive approach to a proactive turnkey solution.

What makes visual AI technology a more effective solution to prevent active shooter threats?

Visual AI technology offers a scalable, secure, and proactive solution that’s proven its value in a wide range of commercial applications worldwide. Our product, SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor, integrates rapidly with your existing closed-circuit cameras to detect, alert, track and prevent security threats—including a person drawing a gun, among many other scenarios—in real time. Visual AI Advisor gathers more data, interprets it faster, and responds more accurately than traditional systems can on their best day—a critical advantage when seconds count.

Visual AI technology monitors and detects security threats in real time, 24/7

Wherever cameras can see, Visual AI Advisor can autonomously interpret the action, whether it’s a person with a gun, someone needing first aid, or a door propped open suspiciously. Its AI models instantly analyze the situation and warn safety personnel while maintaining vigilance as the situation develops. Visual AI Advisor empowers school administrators to keep their students and staff safer every day, working 24/7 to observe, analyze, and act on video data in real time.

Visual AI technology alerts authorities immediately when security is compromised

Visual AI technology provides crucial information sharing when an active shooter threat is developing—so staff, first responders, and students have more time for counteraction. For example, if a rifle or handgun is detected on a camera feed inside or outside the building, Visual AI Advisor automatically sends role-based alerts to notify designated personnel of the threat with vital details (e.g., location, time, and visual ID) via mobile apps, email, text and can tie into a school’s onsite security system.

Visual AI for school safety serves many critical use cases across a school campus

School safety is not simply about weapon detection. Visual AI Advisor can run dozens of critical security use cases on a single camera. It includes everything from situational awareness of suspicious behavior to detecting individuals entering unauthorized areas or identifying unfamiliar vehicles in the school parking lot. Visual AI Advisor draws from a portfolio of over 120 pre-built machine learning models to take school safety to a new standard.

Visual AI Advisor provides a scalable, secure, and privacy-compliant solution to improve school safety

Visual AI Advisor deploys in days to your existing camera infrastructure with a low-code/no-code integration framework: no data scientist or programmer is required. Privacy is built into Visual AI Advisor by design, deploying securely on-prem or in the cloud without the need to store video files. Faces can be anonymized per a school’s privacy policies and practices.

How do current school safety measures compare to Visual AI?

Many of today’s prevalent measures to improve school safety take a reactive stance and are fairly limited in function. In contrast, an automated weapons detection system leveraging visual AI delivers proactive, 24/7 preventative capabilities with higher performance, virtually unlimited coverage, and excellent location accuracy—at a lower setup and operating cost.

Human-monitored surveillance methods

Studies have shown that humans struggle to pay close attention to video feeds over time and at increasing volumes. Staffing security officers to monitor video feeds is both more expensive and less effective than automated visual AI monitoring.

Audible gunshot detection systems

While technology to detect gunshot noise offers widespread coverage, it is basically a reactive measure that occurs after the first shot, when lives are already at risk. It doesn’t provide effective location accuracy capability to first responders like visual AI does.

Concealed weapons detectors

Machines using acoustic or radar technology to detect concealed weapons in specific locations (e.g. an entryway) provide useful prevention and detection performance but are limited in range and coverage area. Visual AI offers a solution to improve school safety across an entire campus, inside and out.

How SparkCognition delivers visual AI for school safety

Consider a suspicious vehicle entering a school parking lot. Minutes later, an unknown person enters the building. How does Visual AI Advisor analyze this scene in real time to understand if this is typical behavior or an active threat?

Outside school buildings

As cameras capture daily pickup and dropoff traffic, Visual AI Advisor examines each vehicle, inspecting its license plate, exit, and entry pattern. An unknown car arriving but not leaving campus would alert school personnel to an abnormal pattern.

Inside school buildings

Visual AI Advisor analyzes foot traffic throughout the building, noting how many people cross a camera’s view. Unknown persons are flagged, and school officials are notified about the suspicious activity via web or mobile apps, email, and text.

Automatically detecting a threat

Visual AI Advisor automatically recognizes situations like a person holding a gun, individuals in distress, suspicious door activity, unknown vehicles, fire and smoke, and many other dynamic scenarios, alerting or even triggering safety protocols like lock-down procedures.

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