SparkCognition Deploys AI to Prevent Active Assailant Incidents on the Adelson School Campus


AUSTIN, Texas, November 30, 2022 – SparkCognition, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) software solutions perfected for business, today announced it was selected by Adelson Education Campus, the only PK-12 Jewish community school in Nevada. The school is deploying SparkCognition’s Visual AI Advisor to automatically detect threats, identify security breaches, and prevent safety and security incidents.

“One of the greatest challenges facing education today is ensuring the safety and security of our students, a requisite to providing an environment that has learning and development at its core,” said Todd Peters, Head of School Safety at Adelson.  “SparkCognition’s AI-based school safety solution enables us to further enhance our capabilities to detect and prevent incidents on campus that could put our students and facility in harm’s way.”

The FBI reports that the Jewish community is consistently the most targeted religious group in the United States. In 2020, there were 327 reported antisemitic attacks or threats at Jewish institutions, including schools, which is an increase of 40% from 2019. They also reported that the vast majority (70-80%) of active shooter events are “staged” beforehand by the perpetrator, with weapons visible and the shooter secluded in a parking lot or stairwell up to 30 minutes before engaging in gunfire.

SparkCognition Visual AI Advisor provides Adelson School students, faculty, and staff members with real-time threat assessment, actionable insights, improved situational awareness, and automated responses and notifications. It leverages Adelson’s existing CCTV cameras to transform data into actionable insights—allowing instantaneous alerts, alarms, and designated actions like initiating lock-down procedures. SparkCognition’s Visual AI Advisor currently has 130,000 cameras under contract, is in over 16 countries, and offers more than 125 pre-built use cases. The solution deploys quickly and can be tailored using a low-code/no-code methodology that any school administrator or staff member can manage, with the school retaining sole access to the information to ensure privacy.

“This year, 2022, has seen the highest incident of school shootings in over forty years. Conventional methods of protection are reactive in nature and have failed to prevent active shootings, an unconscionable act of violence,” said Stephen Gold, Chief Marketing Officer, SparkCognition. “What’s required when seconds matter is a highly intelligent, always-on AI solution, that leverages the power of computer vision and machine learning to transform school safety into a proactive turnkey solution. We’re proud to partner with Adelson, the preeminent educational institution in Las Vegas, to put AI to work in such a meaningful way.”

Todd Peters will share more information about how visual AI fits into Adelson Schools’ safety toolkit at the upcoming event, “School Safety: Preventing School Shootings with AI.”


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